Friday, December 19, 2008


There is good news, bad news, sad news, great news, and astonishingly surprisingly odd news.

Good News: I finally finished my best friend N's Christmas gift... after how many months? I'm not going to put a picture up because it will ruin her surprise.

Bad News: My poor computer seems to have caught a bad winter cold and refuses to let me be n the Internet for more then a few minutes... and the cold effects it's ability to get better (aka: virus protection).

Sad News: My second scarf, the neon green one (pictures below) is only 55 inches (or like 140 cm). I was hoping to have it done in time for when (one of) my sister(s) comes to visit, but that's part two of sad news, she more then likely will not make it up for her birthday/Christmas.

Great News: I made brownies!

Astonishingly Surprisingly Odd News: That this post is actually posted and you're reading it.

--- --- ---

I honestly wish I could be more creative and just post all the things I "make" so that people can see I"m not wasting my time. But I'm not actually making all these great things, just in my head. I'm trying to knit more and more, but my only desire seems to be knitting scarfs. Maybe it's because they are the "easiest" thing to knit. I say "easiest" because I"m trying different patterns and what not. I love scarfs! Well, that and socks... and tea, and Sammy, and... well a lot of things really.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Money money money. We're tightening out belts yet again. I had to get a new phone (the cheapest one I could get, it's $4 (US) after the mail-in rebate... but still. My old phone, though wonderful for the past two years, has bit the dust, you had to hold it only on the sides of the upper part of it when talking (if you even touched the bottom part of the flip phone it went to instant static), not to mention that it was terrible for the ear-pieces... Blah. SO if you know me personally and would like to be one of the few people to cal me first on my new phone, go for it! I hate calling others because I'm so worried that they are busy, or that they don't want to talk to me; even though often times I'm just "yelled" at for not calling them and they tell me to call them, I still feel like I'm going to interrupt something.

Anyways, I do have a great news! I finished my step-sisters john deer hat:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Internet Junkyard

Internet Junkyard is what I like to call it when people send you those "little" chain letters or some with those adorable pictures of cute fuzzies that make you just hiccup with glee. Therefor to replace my posts that would normally would just be me whining about stuff that's rather boring and honestly annoying I'm going to put up some of my favorite internet junkyard emails. ^_^ Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
  1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.
  2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice.
  3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask If they want fries with that.
  4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "In".
  5. Put Decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to Espresso.
  6. In the Memo field of all your checks, write "For Smuggling Diamonds".
  7. Finish all your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy."
  8. Don't use any punctuation.
  9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk.
  10. Order diet water whenever you go out to eat with a serious face.
  11. Specify that your drive-through order is "To go."
  12. Sing along at the opera.
  13. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.
  14. Put Mosquito Netting around your work area and play tropical sounds all day.
  15. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you're not in the mood.
  16. Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, Rock Bottom.
  17. When the money comes out of the ATM, scream "I Won!, I Won!"
  18. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot, yelling "Run for your lives, they're loose!"
  19. Tell your children over dinner. "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."
  20. And the final way to keep a healthy level of insanity...send this e-mail to someone to make them smile.
...Its Called therapy.

This is a classic in the internet junkyards! Now if you have done one of these... like me, then you are awesome. And if you send this off to everyone on your email contact list just because, you need to be taken to Dan for a week. Yah, at least a week.

Friday, November 07, 2008

cold sores suck

I have had this cold sore for about a week... it was one, then it had four offspring... THEN it became a mutant ugly hurty thing!

Now on to the good stuff...

I finished the hat... BUUUUT it's too big... and Blackie has pretty much claimed it (no worries, it's clean).

Iabelle decided that she wanted my yarn for herself... that and play with it:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Safe to Say

I think it's safe to say that it's been WELL over a month since I made my last appearance. In that time, nothing major has happened.

Ive been making bread pretty much every other day (to save money).

Cooking dinners, except on certain days when M and my honey get to cook on their days off from work.

I really need help from you guys: I am having a very hard time getting motivated to do my necessary strengthening exercises and stretches that are needed to help me get stronger and better. But I hurt afterwords often time and I'm, as my doc says, afraid of the pain that may or may not come.

Sammy has attached my knitting bag again... this time I"m making a neat scarf. nothing special, just a little something to do while watching movies and trying to figure out what I'm going to do as far as income is concerned.

So I guess it's safe to say I need help.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Letters, Address books, and yogurt...

Recently there has been some mail heading my way, mostly birthday wishes, but if you know me you know that since there is nothing going on in my life that I won't really write back. For this I apologize. I will write each of you back, this I promise.

If you remember my Green Book of Doom, you know that it is chuck full of addresses... over 200 (I lost count after 187 so I"m just putting a number out there that I think it would be...) Now I'm on W, X, Y, & Zs... I have only 101 currently... just wait till I add the others! Not bad if I say so myself. Mostly it's cut down because I put all the vets/groomers/boardings under "Pets" and all the car care places I need numbers for under "Auto". Both of which are appropriate if I say so myself. I need to get those address tabs thingys for the GBoD... There is no way I'm using these beat-up, whited-out, ripped, tapped, scribbled, simply used pages again... if I can find address papers for the GBoD... Staples, Office Depot, and Target! HERE I COME!!!

And as for the yogurt... there was a sale on the yogurt I enjoy (Yoplait's Whips!). So I got the remaining four chocolate ones (extra yummy) and some strawberry and some raspberries. Those are the only ones I like. You know the yogurt with chunks of fruit in them? Those are gross I think. Whips! have a great texture (which I'm very picky about) and are still okay as far as bad calories and fats are concerned. So they're a win-win for me. ^_^

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Hello! I'm not dead- yet, but I will be someday. Anyways, things are going okay. I've had my ups and downs, but so far today has been good (chocolate by my side...).

--- --- ---

I have an article I thought my readers would enjoy... as if anyone reads this, but I still want to share it.

Fresh air
: (CNN) -- It sounds like an ordinary car. But it's not. In the
South of France, inventor Guy Negre says he's developed a car that runs on

Read about it. It maybe a little "old" but it's pretty interesting.

--- --- ---

And here is another article that's for the fuzzy lover!

Cat Adopts Rabbit! There sure
seems to be a lot of generosity among the cat mothers out there-here’s another
great example, in which a cat takes on the role of mommy to a wittle tiny bunny

This is adorable!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

He's on a sandwich run!

Hey hey hey, this is me coming to you semi live from my computer. I wanted to let you guys know that my birthday was yesterday! I'm getting so freakin' old!!! Just kidding, I think it's going to be fun not being the golden age of 21. The magical one, whatever.

My honey is on a sandwich run so I'll just give you the low-down:

I am working as a Personal Assistant for this woman, and so far it's been rather stressful, but I"m so happy doing it. It's rather odd. I get in a bad mood and get upset, but I'm having fun doing it. Isn't that weird? I kinda hate it but then again I'm getting paid to do this work that I enjoy so much. Being organized, calling people and getting things, lists, and other things that us Virgo's enjoy.

My back and leg have been bothering me a tremendous amount lately. It's not cool.

Here is a rather neat artical you should check out about the iPhone girl.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a lot has happened

August 18, 2009:

Get ready for this- there has actually been a lot happening lately! Well... a lot for the "usual" around here.

Neil and I witnessed a traffic collision... that's what it's suppose to be called now, now a car accident or car crash. No one was badly injured, but we stopped and directed traffic and helped out with the going ons.

I am now wearing a back brace, which is helping quite a bit.

Mom and dad came home. Step dad, not biological dad. It's been rather busy since they got home. Eating better sadly. (means more food and expectations to eat more food...)

New shoes today! I desperately needed shoes so we made a special trip to the city closest by while Neil was at work.


Well... lets see. My attorney cancelled our meeting again... this is the second time in the past two days! When will he stop putting me off?

OH! A new back-brace! My physical therapist told me to go to this one guy in the city near here to get a free back-brace if he could and guess what- HE DID! It's actually better I think then the last one. And the last one cannot be sold since I wore it for over a week, which is sad. Either way the back-brace is working, at least I feel like it is.

Dad and I went for a little "hike" yesterday and hurt! In the good way. :) It was sooo nice to get out of the house and just be in nature. Granted I don't care for the area, but that's just to live in, visiting is okay (for short period of time).

Migraines are back now that my hair has grown considerably. I hate it when that happens. So if you guys have any ideas on hair styles for short hair that natural flips out, let me know.

Monday, August 11, 2008

three hats

Three hats! I have knitted three hats!! Bwah-ha-ha! My attempts on socks is rather short lived, they are so hard for me to get a hold of! Sad isn't it?

I really want to look more into knitting items and selling them on esty. But we'll see. I may not be able to do it on my own, even though I've studied to do my own business (my cafe dream).

Maybe when mom and dad get home I"ll be able to take pictures of my lovely hats!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Magazine Cozies!

No- I'm not knitting magazine cozies, but it got your attention right? I hope so... I'm trying to knit a hat, but it's driving me a bit nuts. It's not as bad as it sounds but there really isn't any other way to describe it.

Anyways, I'm thinking that purses wont be the money maker, but I'll try to sell the ones I have right now (and finish the last two) when I have a few other knitted items under my belt to sell on the esty website.

--- --- ---

Sammy is doing just fine, he's letting Neil's and mine friend Vito pet him a little the other day. Which we all said was about time. He's so cute. I am sitting on the couch with my back to the arm and back of the couch; he is laying behind me purring, head butting me, and it's just so cute I can hardly stand it! I'll rub his head, even though I have to twist my arms into funky pretzel styles to do it, but it's worth it.

--- --- ---

Television time! I've been watching a lot of drama/live action/"normal" TV on Crunchy Roll lately... great site. Anyways there is a series called "Modern Housewives" that is just AWESOME!!! Honestly, a lot of what America shows on our TV isn't even in the same category as many of what the Asia countries provide.

So please check out!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy 1st!!!

Well guys- it turn out no surgery for me. Which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because that would be uber difficult on my body (not to mention pocket book) but it's also bad because now it's going to be emotionally difficult to figure out how I can work.

At my last physical therapy, my PT and I kind of figured out that there are two separate pains: one in my back and one in my hip/groyne. So this is fun.

I need to find a job I can do at home and still make some money... preferably billions, but like that will happen, so if anyone who reads this (sadly I don't think anyone does) have suggestions, let me know please...

--- --- ---

Craft projects! I have finished part of the green purse and while I want to finish it, I got so excited when my best friend H came to visit. She suggested round purses... so I crochet the bottom of the grey yarn and now I am knitting in a circle with a circular needle... it's exciting!!!

--- --- ---

I watched Drugstore Girl on Crunchy Roll last night- it was pretty good. Not my top 100 movies, but maybe my 101 movie.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Link updates!

Some link updates, took out the old ones that didn't like being used anymore and put up some new ones. Also there are a few more blogs that I enjoy reading.

I really need to find that digital camera- I'm working on a purse (as said before) that is completely crochet... except for the beginning part... anyways. I'm going to make fabric pockets for the front and a zipper for the main bag. I want to make this for my friend N- hopefully she'll like it.

Also a bit of information from the Wiccan Countess: ((that doesn't mean I am a Witch, but looking at different choices of 'religion')

"Calling oneself ‘Witch’ does not make a Witch – but neither does heredity itself, nor the collecting of titles, degrees and initiations. A Witch seek to control the forces within her/himself that make life possible in order to live wisely and without harm to others and in harmony with nature."

"We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship any entity known as 'Satan’ or ‘the Devil’ as defined by Christian tradition. We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to another."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movies and Knitting

Wall-E is one awesome movie!!! I have seen it a wonderful three times! Honestly, it is one of Pixars best movies; granted they have yet to make a bad one… Can you believe it’s been TEN YEARS since Toy Story? I feel so old… I love that movie though, it is something my children will watch. Pixar is making one hell of a name for themselves. It makes me happy when they do go things. Their movies are often made for both young and adults. I suggest you check it out and go.

It’s been rather interesting with my knitting lately- I’ve been trying to find my digital camera so I can take pictures. I’ve been knitting purses… they really art special but it’s fun. It gives me something to do. So we’ll see if I sell them or not. But now I’m trying to crochet- however it’s spelled. I had to start off knitting, then I finished it off after about three rows; then I started with the hook and am trying to make it look okay… I honestly think it’s ugly but I want to finish it.

Most of my purses have been knitted while I was watching movies at the theater (such as Wall-E) and watching anime that Neil's awesome friend has been lending me. So I've been keeping my time rather busy.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Find Sammy!!

Hello readers!

Today I got to hang out with my friend N. She is awesome! She really doesn't think she's as brave as she is, but I hope she finds out how strong she is. We watched "The Other Bolin Girl" from the video store.

Did you know that the video store near here is doing acesta thing? It's where the are closed from noon to like 4pm. it's rather odd... BUT it's ot up to me. Anyways, we went up to it not seeing the hand made sign that said they were closed from that time... LUCKLY Charlie was there and let us in anyways... he's a good guy. We got the DVD and left to go back to her place- we had fun watching it. I have always loved Henry the 8th type related things... don't know why... maybe it's because when I was little I saw this TMC movie about Ann of Bolin. Since then I've always been interested in that era.

Sammy is hiding right now because my step sister is in town... God only knows how long she'll stay this time. I hope this chance dad's giving her actually dose some good. Either way, Sammy doesn't want to talk to her- and I'm being peaty when I say this- I hope he doesn't like her.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

May 11, 2007

For some odd reason I cannot find this post anywhere! It confuses me greatly. Anyways, here is what happend May 11, 2007 to mess me up so greatly:

I was in a car accident. It wasn't just me, it was Neil and Jen were in my baby, Marius when we were hit from behind by a moving van type truck.

We were turning into a restaurant where the best milkshakes in the world are. I wanted Jen to have them before she left to go back to her home state. Neil and I have had her here since Sunday, she's been so awesome and I think we're good friends now.

I was the driver; turning into the the restaurant, I had my blinker on, I was way ahead of all the cars behind me. There was oncoming traffic so I had to stop, but there was enough room on the shoulder for cars to drive by. That's what about three cars did before the van type truck car thing hit us from behind.

I was looked in my rear-view mirror just before it happened, I thought, with no time to react, that if I hit the gas peddle to go to the right since the car was going towards the left. But before I had time to put my hands on the steering wheel, we were hit. First we headed towards the left, then the right. All the way around so we were facing the way we had just come from, we were on the hill side. The road is kinda on a hill so the shoulder is downhill a bit.

Neil was in the passenger side (front) and Jen (rear driver side). I was obviously in the driver seat. Neil just had a scrap on the chin (with stitches) and bruises on his rib area. Jen had a slight concussion, her suitcase pretty much saved her life because it was crushed on preventing the back from hitting her from behind. She also has herback messed up. My hip area is really hurt and I'm on bed rest for today and tomorrow at least. I just got bumped on the head (not as bad as Jen) but yeah.

We were so fortunate because two nurses were going in the other way. They stopped and helped us out. I am so thankful for them. They helped kept Jen from loosing it, she was really scared, as was I. They helped to clean her up and keep me from loosing it.

The firefighters and ambulances people came and helped us out so much. I remember when the opened the door I was screaming in pain. My hip area hurt so bad I was screaming. Mike the ambulance guy person helped by pushing up on my hip to support it. He was good. I told him I thought I was going to be sick and his buddy said to just look at mike and do it. Mike said go right ahead. It hurt so much. I told Jen to not worry before they took me out because I was going to be screaming but for her not to worry because she was going to be okay. I had to scream. It hurt so bad. They took me out, got me on the stiff board, which is my least favorite thing in the world. Not to mention cut off all my cloths.

I found it really really odd that they took me to the farther away hospital where they're equipped with a unit to treat car crash victims and not Jem. She was so much more scared then I was. Either way, it took several hours, and many tests. Finally I was released, in the gown. They cut all my cloths off and yeah...

Now I'm at my parents house, where Neil just had to go back to our home because the landlords were finally fixing out tub. Thank God! He'll be back so he can lift me and such, I can barely move and am in bed except to go to the bathroom, and then it takes forever and a day to even try to go there. I'll be using a walker and/or crutches till I can walk without them. can't work! TT__TT

Also, the Subaru, Marius, died. The Subaru company is awesome. The car saved our lives. The roll away cage thingy, Neil has informed me, prevented the whole inside from crushing us. Even my mother said today, after looking at the totalled car, that we are so fortunate to be alive, and virtually untouched. The seats and most of the inside were still okay. Subaru is one of the best cars out there. I knew it before and now am living proof that it's true.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Broken URL

As many of you (or none) realise, the link for last times amazingly adorable article was broken... yahoo! is not one of my favorite companies, but they aren't bad, they are my second source for good information on movies so I'm not going to say anything else about them.

As for the new link:

BBC is always very good for information- gatta love'em.

--- --- ---
My honey and I saw You Don't Mess With The Zohon last night... it... was... AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed it. It's not something that N would like, it has some 'crud humor, but it's very neat- one of Adam Sadler's (main actor/writer/creator of the movie) movies. is more information on the movie.

--- --- ---
I dragged my honey along to a wedding last Saturday- it was so lovely!!! I couldn't stay long because of back (stupid back). However, the entire ceremony these "no see'ems" bit me all over and now I have bumps everywhere, my face looks like a teenagers hit puberty... they're just bumps, not zits, no white heads, nothing dark- they're just light pink bumps... it's so odd. It's been over a week!!! Grrr. They itch and are ugly- I feel so ugly.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I did it! I finished my CE (continuing education) and passed with 80%!!! You need a 70% to pass. So yeah... it's only like a test of some kind for anyone in the medical field (I can say that *grin*)

Also here is a VERY awesome cat related article that a friend sent me:;_ylt=AlGqLIa7I223s6Z8AjjWPLntiBIF

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My eyes are still stinging from physical therapy today. I had a really painful time. My PT person, J, Is always rather aggressive but today I think he went too far. My regular PT, A, is going easy on me, but J wanted to go further and really "exercise" (which translates to pain for me).

I was in tears when I came home... that's not entirely true, I was crying in the pool as well, J didn't really notice because we were in the pool and my face was wet from me rubbing the tears away. I have to trust him because he "knows" what he's doing.

So here I am, tearing up from the chlorine and the pain, have taken a generic vicodin and cancelling me next PT appointment until my regular PT comes back.

I miss going to work, even though I was in pain, I looked forward to going, I miss it so much.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


We just got back from seeing the new Indiana Jones movie- it was awesome!!! There is one part that has snakes in it ((N: make sure that you close your eyes and ears for a good minute or two while they are in the quick sand stuff, after she tells Indy something)). Well one snake, but still. I rather liked the movie, though Neil is ify on it. We'll see.

Lately I've been thinking of Aunt Maria and missing her terribly. I'm wearing the ring we picked out once when I was visiting her. We got some diet dr pepper in honor of her... well Neil paid and I told him I wanted it.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Icky Krespy Kreams

Neil is the best. I had a craving for some doughnuts… which isn’t good for losing weight, but I love’em anyways sometimes. Though Krispy Kreams are nasty- I’m sorry step-dad, but they are. I usually don’t care for them but when they have chocolate topped cinnamon rolls… who can resist right? Well I got two… TWO!!! Yes… I’m a pig, but I’m sure it will be for a good cause for I am giving blood today!!!

I got to see N’s friend and mine- J!!! She’s so awesome- I missed her. I lent her a TON of mangas and anime. I hope she likes them… She’s so awesome!!! I miss her very much.

I’m thinking of making purses for a bit… to help get some income you know? That’s what some of the ladies at work are saying… they liked them and I could sell them for some money. Mostly for fun… I’d like to sell them for the cost of the yarn plus some extra… that way I can make some of a profit.

I’d like to know what you readers think.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Well dear readers~ I have some great news: I have finished the purse!!! Granted it's not so pretty... But still... I finally finished it...

As you know, I'm a terrible sewer... TERREBLE!!! I killed TWO sewing needles (from the machine)... Mom's beautiful new high-tech sewing machine... it has all these awesome patterns and great stitches!!! Oops- sorry, I should have mentioned that it's a touch screen computer sewing machine... so yeah

I REALLY like how the strap turned out... I think it's rather neat. In case you can't tell from the pictures... ((hint hint)) there is a leaf-stitch-pattern that I tried to put into the works. Leaves are my signature think I think...

But other then that-yesterday Neil's best friend and his "wife" and their child came over to visit... well the boys played with their computers. They set them up in the kitchen, right on the table... so... much... cables... it was kinda scary... buuuuuuuuuut they had so much fun. I was in charge of keeping the "wife" and kid entertained.

Which would have been great fun [sarcasm]... however the neighbors dog was out again and I saw him, put a leash on him and took him back home and put him in the backyard since they weren't home yet. On the way there he pulled me too much and my back was screaming to me, I nearly lost my walking ability the pain was great. But I wanted the doggie to be safe so I did it anyways, he's SUPER STRONG!!!!! He maybe blind but that dog is VERY STRONG!!!

So there you go. A rather intresting update but you get the idea. I'm just happy Neil was happy about the whole thing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am alive.

Though my life isn't interesting, this blog (internet really) is just a dump for my whining and complaining. Oh well, you're reading it.

I was sewing all day! I feel good about getting something done, but it looks terrible! I'll have pictures up soon... soon-ish. It's part of the purse I'm making for a former co-worker. I hope that she likes it. Though it's very ugly.

There was a frog in our pool! He's so cute!!! Neil was cleaning out the pool and getting it all ready when he found him! We've been listening to him every night croaking loudly! We put him in a container and eventually set him free. My first hopes was to give him to a local family that owns a local shop downtown that lost their froggiess. But they couldn't so I took him down to the river after I dropped Neil off at work. I hope he's okay.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Always Coca-Cola

Vanilla coke… how I love you~ let me count the ways… one sip, two sip, thr-GULP. Sammy is laying curled up next to me and I’m loving it! If you know me you know that I love to use the word love. It is a VERY powerful word- but I use it in many different ways. Why can’t we (English speaking people… that sounds raciest) have different words for love. Like love for a friend, love for a family member, love for a lover, love for a cute warm fuzzy animal… why not?

One day later… I got my hair cut today- it’s REALLY short, but the woman who cut it and helped it look better was so awesome! I’m so wanting to be her friend. She understands how my back is and my fear of driving. The only reason it’s so short is because I was in the shower and decided to cut it… yeah… too short in the back so she decided to make it look as good as she could. My hair is still messy, but it’s nice and lighter and so much cooler now.

Two days later… anyways, I’m laying here and my back is all funky. I bent down to pick up a piece of metal I saw laying the grass. Little did I know my leg would suddenly get a sharp tingly pain and I called Neil to help me up and to go lay down… I felt it coming on, the whole day it was nagging at me- with waves of uncomfortable pain (not un-manageable if that makes any sense). Tingly type pain. Anyways, felt it coming on, still pushed myself, bent down in the yard, sharp pain that made me cry, laying down and somehow cannot get my back muscles (lower back) to relax, I even have a hot pack to help loosen the muscles.

So yeah… My life sucks, but I can do anything with Neil at my side.

Friday, May 09, 2008

totally not working out

Well... I finished part of the purse... all that's left is to line it with fabric- which mom wants to show me. I'm rather excited about it.

BUUUUT it's too small. SOOOOO I went to the yarn store downtown when I was going to the "former" work pace to get my things and purchased two bundles of the yarn. She gave me such a deal because it's left over yarn... I got both of these for $9.97!!! I dumped out ALLL the change I had and she just wanted to get rid of it. I got such a great deal! It makes me so happy.

I plan on doubling the size of the purse. I'm keeping the old one.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

[no subject]

I have been let go from my job due to my injury...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pills Suck

I have decided that because of this quest to find out what's up with my back... it's getting so depressing that I have to explain it and write it out for others to understand why I get so upset about it:

In the morning:
-Lamictal 100mg (a mood stabiliser) take one and one half tablet
-Calcium [500mg] & Magnesium [250mg](to help with migraines) just one tablet
-Alli 60mg (weight loss aid) just one capsule
-Sertraline 100mg (antidepressants) 2 pills
-Omeprazole 20mg (helps the stomach acid) one capsule
-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

In the evening:
-Lamictal 100mg (a mood stabiliser) take one and one half tablet
-Tri-Sprintec (aka birth control) take one tablet
-Verapamil SR 180 (migraine prevention) one tablet
-Zolpidem 10mg (sleeping aid) one tablet when needed
-Magnesium 250mg (to help with migraines) just one tablet
-Woman's multi-vitamin (for overall healthy-ness) just one tablet
-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

When needed:
-Hydrocod 5/apap500 (very powerful narcotic used for extreme pain, mostly for my migraines)
-Quinine leg cramps (need only when there are leg cramps that are unbearable.)
-Naproxen 500mg (help with pain in back/leg) 1-3 tablets daily
-Gabapentin 300mg (help with back/leg pain) 3 tablets daily
-Metoclopramide 10mg (use for onset of headache/migraine) 1/2 to one tablet
-Axert 12.5mg (use for onset of migraine/headache) 1 tablet 2 max daily

So I'm taking at least 14 pills a day... that is very depressing if you ask me. Why so many you may ask, I'll tell you why, because I'm somehow a defected human. If I lived in Germany when the whole Hitler thing was going on (their darkest part of history, I feel bad that they have to live with that for the rest of the country's life) I would be put in the gas chambers. I think mostly because I'm dark haired and dark eyed, plus I would stand-up for the Jewish people the best I could, AAAANNNDDD all my health issues.

This is a rather depressing post, I know, but if you were facing financial issues like mine, you would get depressed as well. I am so tired of hurting and so tired of feeling helpless and useless. I'm sure someone who reads this can relate. Neil is doing so well in helping me feel better. I talked to my boss today and I'm worried I may not have a job to go back to anymore. I felt like a family there, but now I'm faced with loosing the job I love and the people that I care about. That place is so unique and wonderful that you can't help but care about it deeply.

Several things that are helping get threw this: Neil, Samuri, knitting, tea, and my family and friends. Neil for loving me, Samuri for being my baby, knitting to get my mind off things and feel like I'm actually accomplishing something, and tea for relaxing me.

Sorry dear readers for the 'no picture' post and being all depressed like. I need to vent to more then just the people around me (to get it out) and to let you readers know how my life is going.

Again, sorry or no pictures.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sony is awesome!

While the quality isn't that great, I still love this camera, it's easy to operate (somewhat....) and it's hardy (I'm not afraid it will brake so easily if it were to slip from my hands). Enjoy!

Here is a "eh" type picture of my new computer. Shelby passed away, her mother-board thingy couldn't be fixed; Neil decided to purchase a nice computer for me... details are in color!

This is what I"m hoping to be my next knitting project, skipping the socks again, they scare me. The blue/turquoise yarn is what I think I'll try to use to make the purse for a co-worker. I hope it works out okay.

This is a box I painted and coated with fabric or a gift (for N). They are Sakura Blossoms. I made stencils (out of basic sturdy paper) and just used shades of pink (plus white paint ever-so-often).

This is the bottom of it, the inside bottom is also covered in this fabric. It's my first time using fabric glue/tacky stuff to secure it, I don't like it, but it works. The pen marks are REALLY highlighted and soak/bleed when the glue/tacky stuff is used.

Don't forget the sides! You can't tell too well, but up in the right corner is part of a blossom, it's on the top and other side, so it looks rather neat. I think it looks cool anyways.

In conclusion I enjoyed this project a lot. Not only because it was painting (I enjoy painting things) but because it had to o with the Con in a way. That's why I made it, as a S-con present for N.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

frozen concentrated apple juice

Note to everyone: eating frozen concentrated apple juice will more then likely make you stick to your tummy.

My dell is here. I'm not feeling well (back) again. Annoyed with money issues. can't wait for the first of May so I can get the doctors appointment out of the way and figure out what's wrong.

[blah blah blah]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A World Gone Mad

Well readers, I have to tell you one of the worst news ever- Shelby passed away. In case you don't know, or don't know me, Shelby is-er was my laptop. So I'll be using my honey's computer until my DELL comes in... Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell!

Oh yes, I have a few more projects I'm doing, I'll be posting them when I get my Dell, only because I can't keep them on his computer because I'd feel bad.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Me & World Wide Web...

The below blog was actually written and meant to be posted the other day, but our internet was down. When Neil got it fixed I didn’t get it into my head when he said he got it up and running because I thought we didn’t have it for another day… I’m so stupid.


So let me get this straight, we have about 370 more days till the next Sakura Con?! That’s WAY way way way too long.

Everyone says the con goes by fast but I don’t really see it. I’ve never been one to enjoy the festivities, but rather want to be a part of making it. To me, that’s the fun. So the con was short, but defiantly not long. There was a little drama, but I think that it just went over my head a bit… I don’t know, I really didn’t pay attention to the gossip and dramas this year.

I want to do more for this next con. I really really really really want to do more this next year. There are a few possibilities open to me at the moment and I want to help out so badly so I want to know NOW!!! So impatient I am.

It’s true. I did a lot of shopping… sad to say, I spent more then I planned but not more then I can afford. I brought 250$ cash with me, and used 70$ off my beautiful credit card.
I say beautiful because it is… ASPCA is working with Visa credit cards to make this awesome deal. There is very low interest, AFTER A YEAR! And the interest doesn’t pile up like one might think it would. I’ve read the fine print; I know you’re thinking “nuh-uh”. But it’s true!!!! I have a nice limit (realistic for myself as well), and there is no minimum payment (thought I make at least 50$ if not more payments every month).

Anyways, back to what I purchased- mostly mangas… and the rest pretty much on art, food, and stickers (Sakura-Con stickers). Though I did get a plushie from one of my all time favorite artists (her manga ROCKS!!! And her art!!! I lo-ike her so much!!!). Our friend N got me the most adorable plushie- DOMO!!! Domo-kun is just sooo cute. I love it so much.

Thank goodness for my wonderful co-worker for taking care of our fuzzy babies while we were gone. But Blackie still made messes (mom’s used tissues being shredded by the black dog called Blackie). Thank you L for making the con possible.

--- --- ---

Awww… Leatherheads (movie coming out) has the most sexy George Clooney in it, I want to see the movie only because he’s in it… isn’t that rather sad? I don’t like Renee Zellwigger as an actress so part of me is hesitant.

--- --- ---

So other then that… I have nothing… just a strong desire for nice chocolate moose/or/cake to have during my [romance] manga reading time. And it’s not the “adult/XXX” kind.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sammy Knits!!!

My Sammy loves my knitting!!!
At first, the hat was odd... I forgot the middle part. See, the directions say to do the brim of the hat, then it goes on to talk about the decrees to the top of the hat... but the directions said nothing but a couple words about the rest of the hat. Between the brim and the top of it.

In case you can't really tell, I did my own little tip of the hat... I attempted to do my own little leaf tip pattern. Yeah, it didn't look too good, but it helped me to find another better one on the Internet!!!

...buuuuuuuut Sammy liked it. He would grab at it when I took it off him or pulled it away.
So there is an actual hat I did. Since the leaf is my "signature" I attempted to interpret a leaf pattern of my own into it... it was sad... very very very sad. When I was finished, I attempted to take the green threads and make it look more like a leaf, but it ended up looking like a square/circle with a line threw it. I tore it out.
But the top of it turned out super cute!!!
This hat is made for a girl at work's kid. He is sooo cute and I wanted to knit a hat finally... I hope that she lets him wear it; we don't get along too well so that hat may or may not have been a good idea.

update on me~ I think my emotional blah-ness has passed. I feel tons better now, with the not so irritated and wanting to deal with anyone (Neil is the exception).

One of my best girlfriends called me yesterday. It was so great to hear her voice and to listen to her laugh. I hadn't realized how much I missed it. I miss her greatly.

It really pissed me off though- she had to call me back, so I had my cell phone in my hands, waiting, and all of a sudden it started beeping. It said I had a voicemail... okay, so I listened to it... it was my said girl friend! She had tried to call me back, but my phone didn't ring!!! I am so upset with my [insert not so nice names here] cell phone it's not even funny. This is not the first time this has happened. I think I need to get a newer phone because 1. my phone has taken a beating just by being mine, and 2. it's "old" in technology terms.
oh yeah- if anyone knows if there is a pattern for a Harry Potter scarf (knit)... I know there is one... it's just finding one!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have come to realize that while people suck, there are not-so-sucky moments with them that kinda make it worth putting up with them. Even though this example isn’t a person that sucks, but someone that I feel that I’ve grown apart from. Not that I want to by any means. She called, wanting to get together with me, so I can meet her other half. Granted I don’t want to do anything lately. Being lazy/female. But I know I must, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m lazy and hurting, plus being over stressed from work.

Another example is one of my other girl friends is over for spring brake (her home) and even though I want to see her, it’s again with the laziness. Though I would love to see a movie with her. Maybe I don’t want to hang out with these two girl friends is because I have nothing of interest to talk about. I work or stay at home stretching (though I have to admit I’m not walking on the treadmill as often as I should/like), do nothing of interest, am fat (not appealing to look upon), can’t party, can’t drink, can’t walk around too much, no spending money, plus the laziness.

Why is it I’m so lazy? No idea. Probably has something to do with working so much. Everyone seems to be sick lately and I’m surprisingly not… very odd if you know me. It’s got to be because of working so much, must be.

The settlement is going along, finally, but nothing in stone yet. Why won’t it just be over?

Well I probably have more to say, but I’ll skedaddle anyways.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Unpleasant Motivation

I am just not motivated to work on the newsletter formally known as the “chocolatier”. And no, only one other person knows what the name of the new newsletter will be and they won’t tell.

Don’t know what it is, just have no inspiration to do it. So many people making/poking fun at me for all the spelling and grammar errors and lack of “good readings”; truth be told everyone, if you don’t want to read the newsletter, tell me so I don’t waist money on your meany-er-ness. Unkind, lowly, spiteful, cruel, foul, vile, unpleasant, horrible, heartbreaking, awful, embarrassing, horrible, nauseating meanies. One of my best friends encouraged me last night that if I love it then [insert not-so-nice words] everyone else and just do it for myself and only send it to him and maybe other five people I trust. I think I’m going to do that from now on.

As for any articles that people want to write (yeah, my faith in anyone even reading after this part is less then whimsical thinking) I have a few ideas that I would love to see someone other then me write.

The newsletter used to be so fun. I loved sharing it with my friends, but now no one even wants to read it. I doubt that anyone would even want to read my hand written journals when I’m gone. Neil isn’t a writer but he supports me and agrees with what said friend from previous told me.

Yes, yes, I know everyone is busy with their own lives and I don’t have a life other then working and being with the one person that gets me and that I love. My life: waking up, rushing Neil out the door (he goes with me to work), see if he wants to get me a chai from starshmucks, usually gets me one, I work till I can’t feel my let leg and hope that I can push more hours, but most of the time I get lazy and annoyed with having too many people working and it’s too slow for my boss to pay everyone for not so much income… So after work I head to the post office and then home. I lay down for a bit then check my email… of course then I turn the email and instant messengers off to write my novel. I have WAY more motivation to write that then the newsletter. And if you know me, I get irritated with my lack of “professional creativity/writing”.

Oh and for all you people out there that say you want to write something for the newsletter and decide that you don’t know what to write- shove it.

But other then my feels above, I’ve been doing better and better. Ups, downs, forwards, backwards, I just want this whole settlement to be over already, that way I don’t have to worry about money and feel like Neil and I can’t handle it. Though I have to say that it’s not so bad when I think it’s something WE have to deal with, and not just me. It makes me feel like I can tackle anything, granted the majority of the issues will be extremely tough, but if we can do it, WE, then I’m sure we’ll get threw it, with minor injuries and no fatalities.

Friday, February 29, 2008

sleeping off the pain

Neil is my knight in shining armor! He went searching today while I was at work for the printer, and found my green soft blanket! He got the blanket for me, or did I get it for myself because he thought I should have it… either way, it was missing, and he found it! I love this blanket; it’s green and SUPER soft. It would be my super hero, that’s how super soft it is.

He did find the printer. And some travel mugs… two that were missing.

We did our taxes today, which is a great load off. But before doing that I had this really bad pain in my back that I haven’t experienced in a few months. It was so bad that I was in tears and shaking uncontrollably. It was a sharp pain and painful tingles in my legs. I have had to take FOUR heavy duty pain pills today. FOUR!

I did find out that one of my best friends and “sisters” is getting married this JUNE!!! They have been dating for some time now and I think it’s about time. He better treat her well. Even though I personally haven’t bet the guy yet, I know he’s good for her because he makes her happy.

I’m off to bed now, it’s sleepy time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Miss. N

I have done it! I have ventured back to visit my friend N (initial for her privacy). I was in that snow bank for a long time last time I decided to come. But since my boss is so understanding that N needed me very badly (she's been lonely and very sad). So now that it's pretty much bone dry I came to see her. Though it's making me paranoid because of the flat tire incident...

the brat dolls are so sad. I dislike them so much. They're hookers in little doll form.

I wish I had brought my camera, not that I could post any of them on the Internet because of privacy but still.

Monday, February 18, 2008

where is the love?

Last night on our way back from the con meeting in Seattle, we got a flat tire... my first. Needless to say it was dark and cold. Neil and I were freaking out because it was the part of Stevens where the road was coming into one lane and there was a corner. I was freaking out and nearly threw up. Neil was my knight in shinning armor. He took control and let me know what I could do without barking orders or yelling at me. He did it so well. Don't ask me how, but it was rather romantic.

People would speed on past us, but one man stopped his car and got out to help us. There were people that would get right behind us (okay just one) and honk at us to move... OUR FOUR-WAYS WERE ON AND WE WERE MOTIONING OUR ARMS TO GO AROUND!!! How do you not get that? Honestly... But the guy that stopped to help us was so nice and let us barrow a flashlight. Neil changed the tire, and the man just stood there directing traffic a bit. He was really sweet. Then after we started moving (with our four-ways still on) he drove slowly at first to make sure we didn't have anything else wrong.

The ride that should have taken 20 minutes turned out to be about double that... But we got home safe and sound. I didn't sleep well last night though...

So there you go. Aside from that nothing is going on-oh, besides the con restaurant thing, I feel better about it, so I'm going to be calling tomorrow since today is a holiday and the "deadline" is the 20th (I hope). I'm getting more and more organized so that makes me rather happy. Which is good considering the car dealership wont cover the tire... I have to purchase one, if the insurance wont cover it, but we'll see- keep your fingers crossed!!!

Oh yeah- how in the world are we going to tell con goers to go to for registration?! God that's confusing.... Oh well... keep your fingers crossed on that one too please.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


My migraine has lasted most of what is two days. It's a PAAAAAAAAAAAIIINNN!!!! Plus I think I'm getting a cold sore on my bottom lip...

Anyways, the con is getting closer and closer- much to my surprise I haven't been motivated to get all the restaurants on my list called yet. In case you don't remember, or if I didn't inform you readers, Mira (my boss's boss........) had asked for a volunteer (I was happy to do so) for calling restaurants really close to the con where staffers can get a discount for volunteering their time. I did get two places... though I feel bad that I caused more issues for Mira. T_T

Neil has been a sweetheart- like always. He treats me well and I don't talk about it nearly enough. On the 13th he took me to go see a movie that I've been wanting to see- Meet the Spartans. Which I didn't enjoy as much as I should have (really bad headache that evening). He not only got the tickets but the soda, popcorn, AND my favorite ice cream cone!!! The popcorn made me rather sick though...

Next he purchased these beautiful roses to replace the ones he got before. Three roses! Three is my favorite number, and roses are my favorite flower. He told me later on that he wants to keep fresh flowers for me all the time. Which is what I've always wanted to do. He WANTS to do it since he's working and has a steady income. I'm not expecting a bouquet, but the fact that he wants to get me fresh flowers makes me so happy.

He makes the bed when I ask, dose the dishes when I ask, dose most of the laundry (some reason he dosn't like to hang up cloths... or fold them), he makes me wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches just the way I like them when I'm hungry and crave them. He remembers all my little qwerks. For example: I hate the dirty stuff that gets on your feet from walking around in the basement to be on the one rug closest to the shower (the toilet rug is okay); how I like my socks to be paired up; just the way I love my chai... The list goes on and on and on and on...

So there we go. That's the latest in the world that is mine... Yeah- I got nothin'

Saturday, February 09, 2008

old pictures

It was just the other day- maybe two or three days ago, I was going threw this old camera... it's not really old, it's just old in electronic terms. As in the pixel thingys aren't as good of a quality, the video part of the camera is still on a small tape thing and can't be put on the memory stick. But I'm still going to use it to show off my projects and other pictures for the website- granted they wont be as good a quality, but mom's camera (that I love, it takes photos well, even threw the shaking of my hands) is hers and I can't use it whenever I want. So I'll be taking a LOT of pictures to make sure they're not blurry.

Here is a picture of Boe, my dad's dog, though he passed away. He was the smartest best-est dog in the whole wide world. He was a border collie and very very very smart. The picture is of him (the last time I saw him) with dad's chickens.

I got many more pictures off the camera I was talking about earlier, but most of them are of family and I don't want to post them, especially without their consent.

I've been busy with work, and my stress has gone up because of it, but not in a bad way. Just normal stress. That's why I haven't posted in so long, nothing as really happened to me and haven't done anything worth noting. Well, aside from the sock I'm knitting... we'll see how it turns out, I want to get better yarn for it though, I don't like this cheep yarn.

Friday, February 01, 2008

What is the real way to say vase?

Why is it so hard to do a blog update? I’ll tell you why! Getting the camera from mom to share with you, dear readers, the beautiful flowers Neil got for me. His reason is because I was down (I was a bit depressed for a bit, not bad but just normal down time). They are beautiful. Simply beautiful. There are three roses (orange with pink tips) in an oval fish type vase with black stones at the bottom. My favorite flower in a beautiful display. I love how they are blooming in the glass vase.

Please someone give me an article, doesn’t even have to be a paragraph, just something to put in the newsletter…. Pewees?

I have been drinking soda TOO much. Too much is more then one every two days… I’ve had about five so far… it’s sick and sad. Very very sad.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

chapped lips

Sleeping is good. Yesterday I was asleep by 3:30pm and didn't even wake up till about 8pm. Got up for a bit then when to bed around 10.... SLEEEP. Of course I didn't even get up till 7:30 this morning.

I need to write more. ((novel & newsletter))

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cooking Spree

I have decided to make one of my all time favorite dishes - Leek & Potato Soup

I know i know, it sounds kinda icky, but trust me, this soup is SOOO good!!!

The recipe I got from one of my favorite books ((UB got me for xmas last year or the year before... don't remember)) Tea & Sympathy - so I don't own the rights for this one okay?

Leek & Potato Soup

Serves 6-8
Prep Time: 45 min
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
4 med leeks (white part only), Washed thoroughly and finely chopped
1 onion, peeled and chopped
3 potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 teaspoons salt
7 1/2 cups vegetable or chicken stock
4 tablespoons cream (optional)

-Melt the butter in a large saucepan and cook the leeks and onion over medium heat until they are soft but not brown.
-Add the potatoes, salt and stock and simmer for 35-40 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft.
-When ready to serve, reheat and crack a little black pepper over the top, swirl in some cream, if desired.

Here I melted the butter (I used less then a half a stick)

Next comes the 1/2 onion I used

and the one leek I used

mix'em together

I actually put in four potatoes because it's yummier (I think) if there are more potatoes.

Bring it to a nice boil...

Mix in the leek and half onion...

Let it cook

And yummy!!! No cream but it's SOoooooooooOOOOOOOOooooo good!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made some chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips. Yes you read that right. Mom wanted chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips... so I made them. But mom said that they taste funny. Neil said he liked them, but as we all know the boyfriend has to agree with the girlfriend. It made me feel good though.

Here are all the dirty dishes... mom's idea of cookies is about double that. Sorry mom but it;'s true, you use SOOO many dishes when cooking. And most of your food is pretty good.

And my choice of tea for the cookie making is:

a silly brand-name thingy but still. I had fun drinking it... it was to stop me from snaking on the cookie dough... which had eggs in it, stupid salmonella poising! Why must you look so good but be so not nice?

Here's Blackie for Susie's shop. Great picture of him in his shirt!!!

--- --- ---

Anyways, Neil and I have been getting better. Since he got a job he's been SOO much better in his attitude and the way he's been treating me. I wasn't too happy with him for a bit, but thank God for our prayers being answered because now he's been happier. All the being-able-to-provide-for-woman attitude has made me rather happy. He took me to the movies! Well, I drove, but he paid for the movie, soda, and candy!!! ^_^ God things have changed for the best. Plus I'm working more hours and am saving up my money for s-con. Isn't it good?

OHOHOHOH!!! I walked about 2 miles on the tread mill the other day. I was watching When Harry Meet Sally while walking about .5 miles an hour but it was good.