Friday, February 29, 2008

sleeping off the pain

Neil is my knight in shining armor! He went searching today while I was at work for the printer, and found my green soft blanket! He got the blanket for me, or did I get it for myself because he thought I should have it… either way, it was missing, and he found it! I love this blanket; it’s green and SUPER soft. It would be my super hero, that’s how super soft it is.

He did find the printer. And some travel mugs… two that were missing.

We did our taxes today, which is a great load off. But before doing that I had this really bad pain in my back that I haven’t experienced in a few months. It was so bad that I was in tears and shaking uncontrollably. It was a sharp pain and painful tingles in my legs. I have had to take FOUR heavy duty pain pills today. FOUR!

I did find out that one of my best friends and “sisters” is getting married this JUNE!!! They have been dating for some time now and I think it’s about time. He better treat her well. Even though I personally haven’t bet the guy yet, I know he’s good for her because he makes her happy.

I’m off to bed now, it’s sleepy time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Miss. N

I have done it! I have ventured back to visit my friend N (initial for her privacy). I was in that snow bank for a long time last time I decided to come. But since my boss is so understanding that N needed me very badly (she's been lonely and very sad). So now that it's pretty much bone dry I came to see her. Though it's making me paranoid because of the flat tire incident...

the brat dolls are so sad. I dislike them so much. They're hookers in little doll form.

I wish I had brought my camera, not that I could post any of them on the Internet because of privacy but still.

Monday, February 18, 2008

where is the love?

Last night on our way back from the con meeting in Seattle, we got a flat tire... my first. Needless to say it was dark and cold. Neil and I were freaking out because it was the part of Stevens where the road was coming into one lane and there was a corner. I was freaking out and nearly threw up. Neil was my knight in shinning armor. He took control and let me know what I could do without barking orders or yelling at me. He did it so well. Don't ask me how, but it was rather romantic.

People would speed on past us, but one man stopped his car and got out to help us. There were people that would get right behind us (okay just one) and honk at us to move... OUR FOUR-WAYS WERE ON AND WE WERE MOTIONING OUR ARMS TO GO AROUND!!! How do you not get that? Honestly... But the guy that stopped to help us was so nice and let us barrow a flashlight. Neil changed the tire, and the man just stood there directing traffic a bit. He was really sweet. Then after we started moving (with our four-ways still on) he drove slowly at first to make sure we didn't have anything else wrong.

The ride that should have taken 20 minutes turned out to be about double that... But we got home safe and sound. I didn't sleep well last night though...

So there you go. Aside from that nothing is going on-oh, besides the con restaurant thing, I feel better about it, so I'm going to be calling tomorrow since today is a holiday and the "deadline" is the 20th (I hope). I'm getting more and more organized so that makes me rather happy. Which is good considering the car dealership wont cover the tire... I have to purchase one, if the insurance wont cover it, but we'll see- keep your fingers crossed!!!

Oh yeah- how in the world are we going to tell con goers to go to for registration?! God that's confusing.... Oh well... keep your fingers crossed on that one too please.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


My migraine has lasted most of what is two days. It's a PAAAAAAAAAAAIIINNN!!!! Plus I think I'm getting a cold sore on my bottom lip...

Anyways, the con is getting closer and closer- much to my surprise I haven't been motivated to get all the restaurants on my list called yet. In case you don't remember, or if I didn't inform you readers, Mira (my boss's boss........) had asked for a volunteer (I was happy to do so) for calling restaurants really close to the con where staffers can get a discount for volunteering their time. I did get two places... though I feel bad that I caused more issues for Mira. T_T

Neil has been a sweetheart- like always. He treats me well and I don't talk about it nearly enough. On the 13th he took me to go see a movie that I've been wanting to see- Meet the Spartans. Which I didn't enjoy as much as I should have (really bad headache that evening). He not only got the tickets but the soda, popcorn, AND my favorite ice cream cone!!! The popcorn made me rather sick though...

Next he purchased these beautiful roses to replace the ones he got before. Three roses! Three is my favorite number, and roses are my favorite flower. He told me later on that he wants to keep fresh flowers for me all the time. Which is what I've always wanted to do. He WANTS to do it since he's working and has a steady income. I'm not expecting a bouquet, but the fact that he wants to get me fresh flowers makes me so happy.

He makes the bed when I ask, dose the dishes when I ask, dose most of the laundry (some reason he dosn't like to hang up cloths... or fold them), he makes me wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches just the way I like them when I'm hungry and crave them. He remembers all my little qwerks. For example: I hate the dirty stuff that gets on your feet from walking around in the basement to be on the one rug closest to the shower (the toilet rug is okay); how I like my socks to be paired up; just the way I love my chai... The list goes on and on and on and on...

So there we go. That's the latest in the world that is mine... Yeah- I got nothin'

Saturday, February 09, 2008

old pictures

It was just the other day- maybe two or three days ago, I was going threw this old camera... it's not really old, it's just old in electronic terms. As in the pixel thingys aren't as good of a quality, the video part of the camera is still on a small tape thing and can't be put on the memory stick. But I'm still going to use it to show off my projects and other pictures for the website- granted they wont be as good a quality, but mom's camera (that I love, it takes photos well, even threw the shaking of my hands) is hers and I can't use it whenever I want. So I'll be taking a LOT of pictures to make sure they're not blurry.

Here is a picture of Boe, my dad's dog, though he passed away. He was the smartest best-est dog in the whole wide world. He was a border collie and very very very smart. The picture is of him (the last time I saw him) with dad's chickens.

I got many more pictures off the camera I was talking about earlier, but most of them are of family and I don't want to post them, especially without their consent.

I've been busy with work, and my stress has gone up because of it, but not in a bad way. Just normal stress. That's why I haven't posted in so long, nothing as really happened to me and haven't done anything worth noting. Well, aside from the sock I'm knitting... we'll see how it turns out, I want to get better yarn for it though, I don't like this cheep yarn.

Friday, February 01, 2008

What is the real way to say vase?

Why is it so hard to do a blog update? I’ll tell you why! Getting the camera from mom to share with you, dear readers, the beautiful flowers Neil got for me. His reason is because I was down (I was a bit depressed for a bit, not bad but just normal down time). They are beautiful. Simply beautiful. There are three roses (orange with pink tips) in an oval fish type vase with black stones at the bottom. My favorite flower in a beautiful display. I love how they are blooming in the glass vase.

Please someone give me an article, doesn’t even have to be a paragraph, just something to put in the newsletter…. Pewees?

I have been drinking soda TOO much. Too much is more then one every two days… I’ve had about five so far… it’s sick and sad. Very very sad.