Monday, January 19, 2009

USB Charged Batteries

Now I have seen it all: a battery that can be charged threw a usb port.* Doesn't that seem a little, well, far fetched? Granted I think it's way cool, but it doesn't seem like it will be that popular. What do you think?

Having the kids here is both great and challenging. Neil's and mine stress has skyrocketed because of things changing around us. But I have a feeling this will only help our relationship. Grated right now we're a bit on edge and snapping at each other but things are getting better.

I finally finished the hat I talked about in my January 5th post. I have a picture of the top of the hat where I (finally) did the graceful combining of the ribs. Err whatever they're called. I hope the picture makes sense.

The youngest child M essentially made the brownies- honestly. She's really awesome, they all are. We put most of the brownie mix into ice cream cones for fun.

*, found on page 82 of the December/January 2009 Men's Vogue.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

no pictures for you

Well... with the bulky red yarn I changed it to this "Mary Poppins" pattern for a bag... I want to try and make a good bag this time.

Things are hectic here as we clean up and move a ton of things in the basement and in my old room... which my honey and I have moved into. We're all a bit on edge because one will do things differently and "less efficient" then the other might think it may be done or someone can't do much because of pain. Blah.

Isabelle is doing okay; she went to the vet today to see why she's been kinda like dry heaving. It's terrible to listen to. The vet said to give her some medications which is what we're going to do. Things aren't bad, but they could be better for her.

Samuri has been very social lately. It's rather nice, but short lived I"m afraid since the three kids and two adults will be here (like tomorrow) he will be confined to the bedroom again. Poor guy.

Monday, January 05, 2009


I'm officially a knitter; I have a stash of yarn.

Watch as it magically fits into *ONE* drawer... okay, so it's not a big stash, but thanks to dad (dad dad, not step dad) for the tons of really nice wool yarns (as seen above in white, red, and light blue/grey) and mom for the 25$ gift card to the craftwarehouse (that is the big long ones). So I'm going to have fun.

Okay I lied, I already started on three new projects. The first one is the red scarf that I started while watching the movie Twilight. Not so fancy but still soft.

The second one is from mom's gift card, it's nice chunky soft yarn that I'm making into a thick scarf... another scarf, big surprise.

And thirdly is the wool hat I"ll be making out of the fine wool yarn dad sent me for Christmas. it's really thin (maybe for socks?) so I'm doubling it up and making it in the XL size. Yeah... we'll see how that turns out.

Friday, January 02, 2009

HOT Apple Cider

The New Year is here!

Let's see, finished the last posted knitting project in time for christmas day. Turned out rather nice, wish I had taken pictures though. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it. :P Not sure what my next project should be. Tried to start a funny (not funky) scarf while I went to see Twilight (alone). I'm just not feeling the scarf thing. I need to try something else.

For christmas, the family got a wii with the games included: wii Fit, and wii Sports. They are fun. I'm hoping that it will help our family to get into better shape, but dad and I are the only one's using it. I have TWO dads. One dad and one step dad that we currently live with. Dad we don't live with sent me a ton of wool fingering yarn (I'm assuming for socks). I want to make things but I have no idea what (aside from socks which I'm still pretty scared to try).

Aside from that, still trying to figure out how to get back to work...