Thursday, January 15, 2009

no pictures for you

Well... with the bulky red yarn I changed it to this "Mary Poppins" pattern for a bag... I want to try and make a good bag this time.

Things are hectic here as we clean up and move a ton of things in the basement and in my old room... which my honey and I have moved into. We're all a bit on edge because one will do things differently and "less efficient" then the other might think it may be done or someone can't do much because of pain. Blah.

Isabelle is doing okay; she went to the vet today to see why she's been kinda like dry heaving. It's terrible to listen to. The vet said to give her some medications which is what we're going to do. Things aren't bad, but they could be better for her.

Samuri has been very social lately. It's rather nice, but short lived I"m afraid since the three kids and two adults will be here (like tomorrow) he will be confined to the bedroom again. Poor guy.
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