Monday, January 05, 2009


I'm officially a knitter; I have a stash of yarn.

Watch as it magically fits into *ONE* drawer... okay, so it's not a big stash, but thanks to dad (dad dad, not step dad) for the tons of really nice wool yarns (as seen above in white, red, and light blue/grey) and mom for the 25$ gift card to the craftwarehouse (that is the big long ones). So I'm going to have fun.

Okay I lied, I already started on three new projects. The first one is the red scarf that I started while watching the movie Twilight. Not so fancy but still soft.

The second one is from mom's gift card, it's nice chunky soft yarn that I'm making into a thick scarf... another scarf, big surprise.

And thirdly is the wool hat I"ll be making out of the fine wool yarn dad sent me for Christmas. it's really thin (maybe for socks?) so I'm doubling it up and making it in the XL size. Yeah... we'll see how that turns out.

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