Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Looking at what I did!!!! I feel like a little kid with a new toy :)


I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I try hard enough, I'll figure out the little thing that will help me figure out the magic thing that will make me a wiz at this iPad.
No such luck, but I am trying, and hopefully before con. If there are ANY tips out there, more than happy to have them.

By the way... I can't get into this book for book club, and it's killing me! T_T I'm so annoyed with it. I'm hoping next months book club will be better..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Evening Update

It's pretty painful to even imagine MY kindle in the arms of another. Yes, I seem to be a bit bitter about letting the kindle go. Even tho it was the right thing I still am sad. I love Kindle and Amazon.com anyways.

Is it all worth it, I mean, as I type, from the comfort of my parents chair, watching my brother cook a dinner I will eat, from an iPad I now own. I am very content with life. My goal is to have a job/income and be able to live on our own. But other than that, I have all I need or want.

On a different note, my niece, the one with the message bellow, has computer "issues". This is a big fat "I told you so" from me to the parents. Anyone who is really, really good with computers, yah, feel free to contact me about this issue.

And now an unrelated message from Lauren: Don't drink so much pop, it will make you sick.


Sometimes it's difficult to put into words the things that happen to me... Even tho they are minor, I feel like they should be shared. I promise to do better in this and share the little adventures in my life. This is not one of those moments.

Mom finally gave up one of her iPads. She got her iPad Mini and I got her iPad that she used for the school. So it's got some miles, but I think it's got experience. As a result I had to give up my Kindle. Yes, my wonderful, lovely, fantastic, amazing Kindle. My sister-in-law will be getting it. Which is good if you think about. It's a great piece of technology for her to start out with.

I have a Kindle app on the iPad so all my books are on it. Win win for everyone right?

Friday, February 01, 2013


Yes. I am about to talk about a sport. A sport that I still don't understand completely... okay not really at all. BUT I do know that it is a ton of fun to watch.

My best friend Shay has a friend, whom I'm now friends with, Cookie and he had the tickets. Three to go to hockey. For some strange reason they invited me to be the third. I think it was because Shay's husband couldn't go with them.

Either way I had fun. I did feel conflicted for the opposing team was from Alaska, and as you all know, I spent a lot of my childhood in Alaska.

The home team won the game, but not for lack of trying on the other teams part I can assure you. The first quarter was very mellow and I was regretting even going, but then the second one- bam! GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!! And more jabs and slams (technical hockey jargen is lost on me at this point) and penalty boxes were used. Pucks went flying in all directions. Sticks, helmets, pads of all kinds, and even mouthpieces went hurdling across the rink. The beer was extremely overpriced, so much that I nearly vomited on the lady who was being a bitch about it so none was had. There were kids of all ages there so excited; especially when they were up ageist the glass when the players crashed up to them.  My senses were overloaded. Smells, sounds, lights. If I could miss the entertainment part and just experience the game part, that would be best. And eliminated the crazy people with airhorns!

Let's go again! Just not for a while...