Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Evening Update

It's pretty painful to even imagine MY kindle in the arms of another. Yes, I seem to be a bit bitter about letting the kindle go. Even tho it was the right thing I still am sad. I love Kindle and Amazon.com anyways.

Is it all worth it, I mean, as I type, from the comfort of my parents chair, watching my brother cook a dinner I will eat, from an iPad I now own. I am very content with life. My goal is to have a job/income and be able to live on our own. But other than that, I have all I need or want.

On a different note, my niece, the one with the message bellow, has computer "issues". This is a big fat "I told you so" from me to the parents. Anyone who is really, really good with computers, yah, feel free to contact me about this issue.

And now an unrelated message from Lauren: Don't drink so much pop, it will make you sick.
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