Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Countdown

I'm expecting a drum-roll of sorts. Any minute that one song, final "Final Countdown", or whatever, will just start and we'll all start a intense battle with our packing of cloths, Neil's magic cards, finding of cosplay cloths and wigs, dreaming of ramune, and calculating of gas money. Pew pew pew! Intense battle! Victory goes to us! The rawer of the crowd that just appeared goes wild.

Wow. If nothing, my imagination will make things interesting until I get to the amazing con. Oh how I can't wait! I need to find a simple project to keep my hands busy, but nothing much that I can't do  my job during the con. Thinking a scarf, not a hat.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Pics

With Sakura-Con less then a week away, tensions here at the house are high. Mainly because of the flood.  Second because of the coming up attraction Neil and I will be going to, along with our best friend and my soul sister, N. I should really find a new code name for her. How about "Ninja N".... nah. "N.Sward Fighting" ... wow, that's bad too. Come up with any let me know.

Yes I know I know, "WHERE ARE YOUR KNITTING PROJECTS!?" That's what I'm yelling too. Since so much has been going on, all I've been doing is knitting a mindless scarf (no pics) and the last of the baby socks.

From mobile

 Isn't it cute? I did the last of the yellow with the last of the blue. Yah! Just enough for both. Gender neutral? I think so.

I try to take pictures of Sammy because I want some art done of him at the con.

From mobile

As you can tell that is not going to happen. Somehow he knows when I put the phone into camera mode. Don't know how he knows, but he just dose.

Isabelle on the other hand...

From mobile

... loves the camera, and yarn/string.

That's it for now. Trying to figure life out one blog post at a time.

Friday, April 08, 2011


Spring has sprung, in more ways then one. Not only is it lovely this time of year, but the basement has sprung a spring.

Good news: we can start bottling natural fresh spring water.

Bad news: insurance wont cover all the damages because it's a natural occurrence.

Also on the bad news and mostly related, the spoors, and overall dampness has left me with tons of headaches and unable to get motivated for a blog entry, or much knitting.

Thinking of you, dear internet readers!