Thursday, October 25, 2007

NEWS ((negative thoughts))


  1. Here is an interesting article I found. I have to say that I used to use the word 'gay' in a negative way that had nothing to do with homosexuality, but thanks to my mom not liking it I haven't done it in so long and hope I never do. I liked this article.
  2. Here is something I want to do with my 'left over' yarn. I think it would be awesome. Warm Up America Foundation! It's a really great idea. Here is another link I'm doing for। It reminds me of when my dad went to visit my brother over in Mongolia/China.
  3. This link is to a friend's little Oscar Mayer singing song video... I had to post it। She got some hot dogs from it though.
  4. The fires in California are terrible. Here is a link from Yahoo! News: Link. There are a few bodies being found in homes that have already been burned. It's sad that they couldn't get out in time.

Here is my done project as of Monday! As you can see, the ribbed rows are off, but I still made them। There is a lot of little mistakes and such.

--- --- ---

Blah. Here is my worried parts. I will fallow soon with the positive happy thoughts. Money money money.

I had to pay off a collections agency or it would show up on my credit as bad... credit... So now I have to figure out how to make things work. Mom said she wont be paying for our food. Which I have purchased some of the food, but not all. So now I need to figure out how to pay for our food on my barely part time job. Plus the bills and the settlement... grr... I'm getting to the point where I'm playing with knifes in public... I have taken up cutting myself when I get depressed.

We will know about his job soon... not soon enough though in my opinion. Then it will be a bit more less stressful for me. Then maybe I can concentrate on getting a car once and for all. Charmain said she'd help out- she's seeing this guy that is the big cheese when it comes to cars from collection agencies... I really need to get a car- I think even though money will be spent on it I will be more willing to save because, well, because I have in the past not spent so much because I do have a car. I have a spending problem in case you didn't know.

On the good side, I have great friends that help things feel so much better.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

news + blog = have fun

I was searching the internet and I found this: Energy Star’s website. It’s something we should all look into. This is a fun, interactive hints to help make the home more energy friendly. We all should know these. I am all for helping out the environment, more and more. I’m learning.

Here is something else for us to take a look at; it’s a list of what can/can’t be recycled. I like this and find it helpful. At this link you can choose which language you like.

This link is VERY neat, my other half found it. This is about the ban on cell phones while driving. There is every state and several countries, plus what the penalty is for driving on a cell phone. It’s neat that some places don’t allow any teens (under the age of 18) to drive while talking on the cell phone, even if it’s a hands free set.

Here is a new link about a wonderful Japanese ghost story. I like scary movies, and this story is awesome! Scary. Keep in mind. The link is the very last link on the links page… I also added Zach Braff (actor for the hit series [scrubs]) links (one and two).

My brother sent this to me a LONG time ago; it’s the world’s most awesome world clock!

News, this woman, author Doris Lessing, is receiving the Nobel Prize for literature. I thought it was rather nice.

I want this… Doctor Who- it’s a webcam and microphone… want…

Right now I’m watching this Taiwan drama- IT”S AWESOME!!! It’s called Tokyo Juliet and one of the main characters is Ariel Lin (link one and two), she is awesome, I love her in It Started With A Kiss.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

It’s official. I’m in limbo. Without going forward I’m doomed to repeat this cycle. This is making me a little numb. I’m worried that if we don’t move forward soon (move period) I’m just going to end up being white trash that lives with her parents and hardly works. I want to get out on my own, have our own place, and be in more then just a bedroom in a depressing basement. I love my family, but I’m going numb.

Mom came home and is upset because we didn’t do the garage sale this weekend. But truth be told, I was ill, we didn’t get a chance to go to the bank to get change, and it was way too busy in town so people wouldn’t find a parking place and such.

Then on top of her being upset and not talking with me, one of my friends is having troubles with his girlfriend. I don’t think he should leave her, but he has to do what he feels is right.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Holy sh*t when did it become October? Serio0usly. Soon it will be November, then December! Before you know it Neil’s and mine first year anniversary will be here… holy sh*t I’m OLD!!!

I’m f***ed… I am ill today (and possibly tomorrow, I’ll set my alarm and assume I’ll be better though) so I missed the three hours I need for work today. Oh, I suck.

Neil and I are still together in case you were wondering. I think he’s the real thing, though I admit I’m getting a little like ‘I NEED AIR’ feeling. But I’m sure that’s not really due to our relationship but to the feeling of needing to get out of this place.

I'm also trying to figure out how to have my links on here like my other website. Don't know what to do. I'm ill so I'm not going to do anything right now.