Sunday, September 18, 2011

Windshield Rain

Here we are, driving to the con (short for "convention") meeting, and it is starting to rain... on our side of the mountain!!! Our first comments were: the car will finally get washed. Neil seems to be handling the driving rather well.

And here I am in the passenger with my kindle and knitting! Still working on the sock. Taking forever but I'd rather take my time and get it right. Hopefully it will be done before christmas.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mirror Aunt

I looked in the mirror last night and smiled. The image of my late Aunt Maria came into my mind, I'm looking more and more like her. Am I missing her so much I'm trying to make myself look like how I remember her? The last time I visited her she was overweight (like I am now) and had short hair (like I do).

Or is it that I want my nieces and nephew to have to have her in their life so much (and I can't be like her personality wise, I've already tried), that I'm trying to give them the image of her?

Aunt Maria was the perfect aunt in my eyes and I want to be like her and I want the kids to have that perfect aunt. I know I'm not her, but could I be becoming so overweight because I'm subconsciously wanting to look like my aunty I'm missing so?

No one should be like the dead. They were who they were, and we should let them have their legacy, and try to have our own.

No one wants to forget the dead, or be forgotten when they die. So who am I?

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lak of Posts

Sure enough, things happen, and I think of the post, writing it in my head, but getting it down onto the computer seems to be a taxing job. I love to blog, but this past month or so seems to be difficult to put my words down.

I have failed you, I am sorry. I do promise to change that. I will do my best to change this. School will start, con stuff will become more pressing, but my crafts will be my release, my blog will be my release, Neil will be my rock, Sam will be my, well, he's my baby, so I'm not really sure what to classify him under.

Should I give anime reviews of animes I watch, the ones Vito insist I watch? Might be interesting, Eh, maybe I might put a few in, just for fun.