Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shower, the View, and 56

Last night was... fun. I REALLY wanted a shower so, pulling what brain cells I have together I thought of a great way to spend time under the shower-head, while it's on, and wash my hair. Packing tape and plastic wrap. Kinda worked, but then it didn't. I spent like 10 minutes taping and clinging and unclinging the plastic wrap to my skin, making sure that it all is sealed tight. Then it was about 3 minutes in the shower... found that after so long the skin begins to get wet and unsticks the tape a bit. No worries, the bandages only got a little wet before I noticed, not even wet, just a bit damp. Got to wash my hair though!

--- --- ---

The view from where I am. 

I can see the flowers and put them where I can see. I put them like that too! Behold my unskilled cutting skills! Found a vase that is more suited for the flowers and has rocks at the bottom. I have to say that even though they are red-ish it still looks good. 

--- --- ---

Started some socks last night. Well, one at a time but still. Another pair for dad of course! Project #56 is underway!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bedridden with Flowers

After a few simple little days, after 3 years mind you, I have experienced a few days without the grind/sharp/achy/burning/killing leg pain inside. There is mild pain from the insictions and brusings from the surgery, but none of the other stuff that would cripple me in nano-seconds. Even family in the house have said I'm walking better!

Now I can work on getting our life back on track. Getting my body healthy (aka loose weight), getting a job, moving out, saving up for a wedding (either to knock your socks off or to barely make a whisper, you'll have to see), and keep on spending my life with the one. So depending on how life goes will determine what order things go in and wither or not they are put on hold for a time. Hopefully god will let things go based on our karma of the past few years will bless us with some good karma and let things go better.

Sims 3 has been my best friend, aside from the family who have been nothing but great, Megan got ice for my bag, Lauren helped me keep the house in order (pets and Megan), Neil was my personal slave, Dave was keeping me in the loop with everything, Dad was talking in and out with encouraging comments, Sammy has been at my feet, upset when I got up, even tried to caral/luring me with his cuteness back into bed, Isabelle was nice, Blackie even let me give few good pats on the head before getting me with his wet nose, and mom and Charlie were out of the house at work/vet/groomers (got his cast off on Wednesday! And is cute all short haired!).

What a wonderful early birthday gift don't'cha think? I'm worried that such a great day will come at a price. Can't take a shower which is the only thing I can think of that has been a major downer the past few nights. If you know me, you'll know that I love taking long warm to hot showers and can't sleep unless I take a shower first. Only after wrapping the bandages with selafan(sp?) and watching where the water splashes can I get a bit of water on me. How I would love to wash my hair, scrub the was-orange-but-now-is-yellow iodine and marker writings off my body, and possibly shave my legs... but the pain is gone! *knock on wood*
My best friend N and her Grandma brought me some flowers (which are lovely!) and ice cream, candy, warm wishes, card, and spent some time with me. Oh how I love them!

I have to say one thing before I end this: Neil knows EXACTLY how I like my socks put on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sugery Done

In the morning, Vito and his baby girl, Totty went with us and spent time with Neil during my time in surgery. They were in the room that we were in before the scooted me to the operating room. Totty was having fun with the curtain that separates the room and the hallway. She was watching all the nurses and telling me what color their scrubs were. She's 3 years old and SO ADORABLE!  One of the nurses/doctor/specialist (not sure) came in with her bright colors on her scrubs and cap, and gave me some relaxing drugs, and put my "party hat" on (it's like a thin paper shower cap) then asked Totty if she wanted one! It was just before they left me so Totty was on Vito's shoulders, but that didn't stop her from getting it! The "party hat" was so big that when she put it on it was swallowing her entire head! God, she was so cute! The ladies also gave her stickers when they came back after the surgery.

After 1 1/2 hours under anastecia  (butchered that spelling) the procedure went well and quickly. Or so the doctor told Neil. Inside the hip-joint was really bad cartilage damage, the doctor had to shave a lot of it down, but it went well he said; he didn't do anything with the ligament because it wasn't damaged as much as he thought and really couldn't help it.

 Today will be spent resting even more (I was sleeping in the hospital bed after the procedure). Staying up for "Warehouse 13" (link) and then I'll probably just pass out. There are only two small incisions on my left hip/leg where they put the probs and camera in. Legs orange from the iodine. What else, what else. Just aside from taking up the day, it was pretty okay.

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and prayers, I truly believe you helped. I should be recovered in a few days and see the doctor on the first. Life is getting better don't cha think? Knock on wood.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Front of Pillow

Two days till the surgery and all I have to say that project #53, the Your Favorite Enimies pillow front is done! All the knitting for it is finally finished! I ironed it out a bit and found that the top is somehow a bit smaller/narrower then the bottom part. Is that because of all the switching with the colors?
Almost as awesome as "Scott Pilgrum vs the World". Flat out awesome. It's been fun, and I love grafts, but I still want the black fabric for the back of it so it will be finished and sent off to the band. I hope they like it. They might not, but either way I hope they take a picture with it to make it worth it for me!

Project #55 has a home, with Sami!
Isn't it neat? It's acrilic yarn, just some Red Heart brand. Not saying they don't make some fun stuff, but it's not like chasmere or anything.

Reflecting on the post it looks a lot like part of my last post... so to cheer things up a bit, here's Sammy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

my laptop may turn into a unicorn

WOW! So much has happened. 

Lets see, we have a new member to the family! His name was Shiny, then Skinny, then Whity, then Jake, then Jack, then Jojo, then Miki, then Ang, then Chuck, then Sam, then a hole bunch of other names, but the final one (FINALLY) is "Prince Charlies", or some of us are allowed to call him "Charlie". Despite his cast he is very mobile and loves to fallow, or rather walk side-by-side with mom as she goes about the house and yard. Doesn't leave her side at all. 
Isn't he cute?! Not only is he a handful, and a puppy, he is also well aware that the cat and dog run the place before him and summits a bit for them, which I think is rather nice for Blackie. So he doesn't think he's being replaced or has less value.

--- --- ---

We are just about to start pickling those damn pickle cucumbers that my step-dad (often refereed to as "Grandpa" or "Dad"). He has a REALLY great green-thumb. Trying to get the one recipes from Aunt G over the mountains, but somehow we're just not getting our wires connected and haven't gotten it yet. There are a load of them again this year from the garden.

--- --- ---

Craft: slow and steady wins the race, right?

Here's what I have done of the pillow. Project #53

The mindless scarf is almost done... like an inch left. Sooo... really slooooow. But it's project #55 so there has to be SOME good in that right?

--- --- ---
Mini watermelon with stripes!
Neil's mother has an amazing green thumb as well, this is her baby!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August Motivation

At the beginning of August I have only to think of what I've accomplished in the previous month to get me motivated to beat that record. Won't be hard since I've only completed 6 projects. #54 - spiral cookies, #52 - colorful teddy bear, #51 - bunny, #50 - rainbow cupcakes, and #49 & #48 - yellow wristwarmers.

(red marks from crossing out the worked rows on my grid pattern for the pillow)

 So aside from the lovely pillow (which is fun to do, not kidding, it's neat to do!) and a mindless scarf to keep me busy during the movies at the theater!

(mindless scarf)

Sammy has taken to wanting attention and sitting/laying in Neil's lap while he's playing WoW. We think it's because he went to the vet yesterday and now wants to say "I'm lovable, please don't send me there again!" or something like that. Though I think he loves Neil more, that's why he liked his lap before the vet and likes it even more now!

(he's so cute!!!)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Daft Punk

Who remembers Daft Punk on their 1998 record? That whole animated video thing? Guess who found out about the whole thing?! Not just the first four music videos, the WHOLE album is a movie! How neat is that?


So, we ordered it from (link). It's an anime type movie that is all done by their music. The audio part. Couldn't wait to get it so I saw a very pixilated version, part by part, song by song, on youtube. Now I'm really excited for the movie to get here so I can watch it not only without having to find the next video, click on it, watch 2-4 minutes of it, then find another one, but watch it without being mutilated beyond belief!.

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is what the movie title is.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


After Aunt J and Uncle L left the first time, the pool filter had something to remind us of how hair dogs truly can be.


Oh yeah, isn't that yummy.