Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August Motivation

At the beginning of August I have only to think of what I've accomplished in the previous month to get me motivated to beat that record. Won't be hard since I've only completed 6 projects. #54 - spiral cookies, #52 - colorful teddy bear, #51 - bunny, #50 - rainbow cupcakes, and #49 & #48 - yellow wristwarmers.

(red marks from crossing out the worked rows on my grid pattern for the pillow)

 So aside from the lovely pillow (which is fun to do, not kidding, it's neat to do!) and a mindless scarf to keep me busy during the movies at the theater!

(mindless scarf)

Sammy has taken to wanting attention and sitting/laying in Neil's lap while he's playing WoW. We think it's because he went to the vet yesterday and now wants to say "I'm lovable, please don't send me there again!" or something like that. Though I think he loves Neil more, that's why he liked his lap before the vet and likes it even more now!

(he's so cute!!!)
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