Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a lot has happened

August 18, 2009:

Get ready for this- there has actually been a lot happening lately! Well... a lot for the "usual" around here.

Neil and I witnessed a traffic collision... that's what it's suppose to be called now, now a car accident or car crash. No one was badly injured, but we stopped and directed traffic and helped out with the going ons.

I am now wearing a back brace, which is helping quite a bit.

Mom and dad came home. Step dad, not biological dad. It's been rather busy since they got home. Eating better sadly. (means more food and expectations to eat more food...)

New shoes today! I desperately needed shoes so we made a special trip to the city closest by while Neil was at work.


Well... lets see. My attorney cancelled our meeting again... this is the second time in the past two days! When will he stop putting me off?

OH! A new back-brace! My physical therapist told me to go to this one guy in the city near here to get a free back-brace if he could and guess what- HE DID! It's actually better I think then the last one. And the last one cannot be sold since I wore it for over a week, which is sad. Either way the back-brace is working, at least I feel like it is.

Dad and I went for a little "hike" yesterday and hurt! In the good way. :) It was sooo nice to get out of the house and just be in nature. Granted I don't care for the area, but that's just to live in, visiting is okay (for short period of time).

Migraines are back now that my hair has grown considerably. I hate it when that happens. So if you guys have any ideas on hair styles for short hair that natural flips out, let me know.

Monday, August 11, 2008

three hats

Three hats! I have knitted three hats!! Bwah-ha-ha! My attempts on socks is rather short lived, they are so hard for me to get a hold of! Sad isn't it?

I really want to look more into knitting items and selling them on esty. But we'll see. I may not be able to do it on my own, even though I've studied to do my own business (my cafe dream).

Maybe when mom and dad get home I"ll be able to take pictures of my lovely hats!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Magazine Cozies!

No- I'm not knitting magazine cozies, but it got your attention right? I hope so... I'm trying to knit a hat, but it's driving me a bit nuts. It's not as bad as it sounds but there really isn't any other way to describe it.

Anyways, I'm thinking that purses wont be the money maker, but I'll try to sell the ones I have right now (and finish the last two) when I have a few other knitted items under my belt to sell on the esty website.

--- --- ---

Sammy is doing just fine, he's letting Neil's and mine friend Vito pet him a little the other day. Which we all said was about time. He's so cute. I am sitting on the couch with my back to the arm and back of the couch; he is laying behind me purring, head butting me, and it's just so cute I can hardly stand it! I'll rub his head, even though I have to twist my arms into funky pretzel styles to do it, but it's worth it.

--- --- ---

Television time! I've been watching a lot of drama/live action/"normal" TV on Crunchy Roll lately... great site. Anyways there is a series called "Modern Housewives" that is just AWESOME!!! Honestly, a lot of what America shows on our TV isn't even in the same category as many of what the Asia countries provide.

So please check out crunchyroll.com!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy 1st!!!

Well guys- it turn out no surgery for me. Which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because that would be uber difficult on my body (not to mention pocket book) but it's also bad because now it's going to be emotionally difficult to figure out how I can work.

At my last physical therapy, my PT and I kind of figured out that there are two separate pains: one in my back and one in my hip/groyne. So this is fun.

I need to find a job I can do at home and still make some money... preferably billions, but like that will happen, so if anyone who reads this (sadly I don't think anyone does) have suggestions, let me know please...

--- --- ---

Craft projects! I have finished part of the green purse and while I want to finish it, I got so excited when my best friend H came to visit. She suggested round purses... so I crochet the bottom of the grey yarn and now I am knitting in a circle with a circular needle... it's exciting!!!

--- --- ---

I watched Drugstore Girl on Crunchy Roll last night- it was pretty good. Not my top 100 movies, but maybe my 101 movie.