Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today is a wonderful holiday. And it's going to be gone in a few short hours. The kids are getting ready, and for the first time in years, our house isn't decorated in any way for the event. I haven't felt like it, and mom hasn't either. It's a bit confusing. :p

Oh, did I mention I dyed my hair??
It looks a ton more blue than what it actually is. it's been almost two weeks and it's still this vibrant. I'm so happy with it, but I don't know if I'll do it again.

I've gotten hardly any reading done with my one book "Born of Night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's good, I want to read more, but my head gets in the way. I did get to page 53 tho! It's taken a month to do it. I'm thinking of just returning it to the library and purchasing the book for my kindle. Should probably go and find out how much it is first....

Sam's been a lovey dovey cuddle bug lately. Mainly to Neil, but what can you do? I give him loves all the time tho. Kids are too loud for him and he gets scared, but we're adjusting. Don't know when we'll be able to get our own place. It seems like everyone doesn't want us. It's frustrating!

Happy Halloween to everyone. Embarrass the geek-outs!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


At the end of September we had to move in with my parents... the small room. But it's temporary so I shouldn't complain. It's just difficult to put a little in the room and the rest in storage. It's really frustrating.

My primary doctor and I are trying something different. No pain meds at all. No ibuprofen or hydrocodone, or shots. It's been very difficult. Thank goodness I have people cheering me on or I wouldn't be able to handle this. There are moments when I just want to give up. Then there are moments where I think I can take it.

My NYRP isn't going well. Unable to read so much. *sigh* sorry this is so blah. But it's an update. I do love you guys tho!