Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freaky Bread

Made some (honey in place of sugar) bread yesterday... yeah they kinda exploded upwords and one (right loaf) got stuck to the top of the oven. It was so hard to get it out! I tried my best and only hurt it a little. I wanted you guys to see it! The one on the right was the bad one. The one on the left was a little bit nicer in size. I try to make them a bit smaller to fit inside the tupperware container mom likes to have the bread stored in, but as you can see, these guys didn't want to stick to the status-quo (sp?).

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finished Sock No. 3

Woots for me! Finished my second sock ever!! I'm a bit concerned that it wont fit a full grown man (for my dad). I did what the measurements said, but I'm worried that this sock pattern isn't for men but for small footed women. *sigh* But here's a picture of the finished Sock No. 3!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Above is the current screen shot. I really like this wallpaper/background thingy.

Below is the hats I've finished. The big one's V's and the smaller one is for his daughter. Granted it's far from using them, still. The soda is so you can get an idea how big they are.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movie Review

Okay, mainly this post is to let you know I'm alive and well... it could be better, but it also could be worse. Got that from my friend S who I got to talk to for like 20 minutes. Another one of those phone conversations that even though you haven't spoken in like a year you are all caught up and totally in sync.

Just saw the G.I. JOE movie and have to say it is awesome. Deferentially a high explosive, machine/gun, ninja sward fighting, and amazing high tech things. So a guy movie, and a movie for us girls that like things like that (there are a few scenes with shirtless guys, working out... worth the like combined 5 minutes of it). So it's an adrenalin pumped up ride with high intense screen shaking and fast pace scenes. Overall well worth it.

Now on to something fuzzy baby related: There has been windy days here on this end of the internet and the windows are open. With the cross-breezes there are many slaming doors. Poor Sammy was stuck in a room for a whole day! I was noticing he wasn't coming out from under the bed but didn't think much of it. When I was getting ready for bed I heard this scratching type sound (he has no claws) on the door. HE WAS IN THE ROOM ALONE! My poor baby came racing out of the room with wide eyes. He'd been trying to get out all day! I"m such a bad mom.

On to projects. Yeah... aside from a hat, an attempted tea cozy (still not started really), and a bag for friend and non-blood sister N. The hat maybe too big now that I've knitted during the movie... when the scenes get intense the knitting becomes intense so I'm going to mesure it and make sure it's not too long...

Just measured... need another 1/2 an inch. Domo is my marker by the way.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


H.M.B. = Honey Made Bread.

I made some bread using my sisters way, with honey not sugar. It tastes awesome! Though I did let it rise overnight because it just wouldn't rise the day before yesterday. (made bread yesterday) Next time I"m taking pictures before everyone devours the bread. There is like maybe a couple of slices left.

I love Twitter... it's so much fun and I find out more things threw that site then threw a lot of other places. And also "fallowing" NPR and various other news sites like that. Plus a couple celebrity/smut magazine website's twitter accounts... it's sad isn't it? That's my guilty pleasure.