Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dr. H is an Ass

There is a doctor at the clinic I go to to get shots for my migraines that is an ass. And I don't mean a funny "oh that's okay, you're just doing your job" type ass, I mean a real dick head type ass that makes my life harder ass.

Dr. H we shall call him, for privacy sake, believes that I suffer from mild headaches and don't deserve the shots. All this because I don't act like I have a migraine. Not in those words mind you, he said them in ass words, pompous snotty arrogant ass words and sentences, talking to me like an idiot child trying to score some drugs just to get high and not to stop pain from making me blind and from emptying my stomach on his shoes. I wish I did that, the emptying stomach on shoes thing.

Now, because of Dr. H, my primary doctor says I can only get these shots for my migraines, that I normally could get once every two weeks as needed, now only once a month because he too believes I don't have bad enough migraines.

What?! He's known me for 10 years and knows how I don't portray my pain like his other patients. That's how I was raised, you don't make too much of a fuss and are well behaved in public. He has cut back on my pain pills, now my pain shots. My days of laying in bed crying have increased. I'm trying my best to make due, but all thanks to ass Dr. H my life has been made a little bit harder than it needs to be.

Learning to "just deal with it" is getting old and I'm finding it just so much harder to keep fighting the good fight.

So thank you ass Dr. H. You're an ass.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Feed Me

I have come to the conclusion that everyone has this need to feed me. Granted I've come to this conclusion years ago, just reminded of this last night when our friends bought us dinner... and our friend/roommate also bought us dinner as a surprise on his way home. Plus my mom is always trying to get my honey and myself to stay over for dinner. When my "adopted father" Liam lived in L-town he would give me food from his restaurant all the time, like everyday!

Yesterday the girls had so much fun with our friends Chris and Shay. We were playing in the pool and they LOVED that Chris can pick them up and THROW them up and far. Those two can really play ruff with them. It was so much fun to watch. I loved playing with them too. I just hate being out in the sun. Hate it. I got a tan. I hate that. Hate. I need to think of a way to get swimming exercise but not get a tan, suggestions?