Saturday, June 28, 2008

May 11, 2007

For some odd reason I cannot find this post anywhere! It confuses me greatly. Anyways, here is what happend May 11, 2007 to mess me up so greatly:

I was in a car accident. It wasn't just me, it was Neil and Jen were in my baby, Marius when we were hit from behind by a moving van type truck.

We were turning into a restaurant where the best milkshakes in the world are. I wanted Jen to have them before she left to go back to her home state. Neil and I have had her here since Sunday, she's been so awesome and I think we're good friends now.

I was the driver; turning into the the restaurant, I had my blinker on, I was way ahead of all the cars behind me. There was oncoming traffic so I had to stop, but there was enough room on the shoulder for cars to drive by. That's what about three cars did before the van type truck car thing hit us from behind.

I was looked in my rear-view mirror just before it happened, I thought, with no time to react, that if I hit the gas peddle to go to the right since the car was going towards the left. But before I had time to put my hands on the steering wheel, we were hit. First we headed towards the left, then the right. All the way around so we were facing the way we had just come from, we were on the hill side. The road is kinda on a hill so the shoulder is downhill a bit.

Neil was in the passenger side (front) and Jen (rear driver side). I was obviously in the driver seat. Neil just had a scrap on the chin (with stitches) and bruises on his rib area. Jen had a slight concussion, her suitcase pretty much saved her life because it was crushed on preventing the back from hitting her from behind. She also has herback messed up. My hip area is really hurt and I'm on bed rest for today and tomorrow at least. I just got bumped on the head (not as bad as Jen) but yeah.

We were so fortunate because two nurses were going in the other way. They stopped and helped us out. I am so thankful for them. They helped kept Jen from loosing it, she was really scared, as was I. They helped to clean her up and keep me from loosing it.

The firefighters and ambulances people came and helped us out so much. I remember when the opened the door I was screaming in pain. My hip area hurt so bad I was screaming. Mike the ambulance guy person helped by pushing up on my hip to support it. He was good. I told him I thought I was going to be sick and his buddy said to just look at mike and do it. Mike said go right ahead. It hurt so much. I told Jen to not worry before they took me out because I was going to be screaming but for her not to worry because she was going to be okay. I had to scream. It hurt so bad. They took me out, got me on the stiff board, which is my least favorite thing in the world. Not to mention cut off all my cloths.

I found it really really odd that they took me to the farther away hospital where they're equipped with a unit to treat car crash victims and not Jem. She was so much more scared then I was. Either way, it took several hours, and many tests. Finally I was released, in the gown. They cut all my cloths off and yeah...

Now I'm at my parents house, where Neil just had to go back to our home because the landlords were finally fixing out tub. Thank God! He'll be back so he can lift me and such, I can barely move and am in bed except to go to the bathroom, and then it takes forever and a day to even try to go there. I'll be using a walker and/or crutches till I can walk without them. can't work! TT__TT

Also, the Subaru, Marius, died. The Subaru company is awesome. The car saved our lives. The roll away cage thingy, Neil has informed me, prevented the whole inside from crushing us. Even my mother said today, after looking at the totalled car, that we are so fortunate to be alive, and virtually untouched. The seats and most of the inside were still okay. Subaru is one of the best cars out there. I knew it before and now am living proof that it's true.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Broken URL

As many of you (or none) realise, the link for last times amazingly adorable article was broken... yahoo! is not one of my favorite companies, but they aren't bad, they are my second source for good information on movies so I'm not going to say anything else about them.

As for the new link:

BBC is always very good for information- gatta love'em.

--- --- ---
My honey and I saw You Don't Mess With The Zohon last night... it... was... AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed it. It's not something that N would like, it has some 'crud humor, but it's very neat- one of Adam Sadler's (main actor/writer/creator of the movie) movies. is more information on the movie.

--- --- ---
I dragged my honey along to a wedding last Saturday- it was so lovely!!! I couldn't stay long because of back (stupid back). However, the entire ceremony these "no see'ems" bit me all over and now I have bumps everywhere, my face looks like a teenagers hit puberty... they're just bumps, not zits, no white heads, nothing dark- they're just light pink bumps... it's so odd. It's been over a week!!! Grrr. They itch and are ugly- I feel so ugly.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I did it! I finished my CE (continuing education) and passed with 80%!!! You need a 70% to pass. So yeah... it's only like a test of some kind for anyone in the medical field (I can say that *grin*)

Also here is a VERY awesome cat related article that a friend sent me:;_ylt=AlGqLIa7I223s6Z8AjjWPLntiBIF

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My eyes are still stinging from physical therapy today. I had a really painful time. My PT person, J, Is always rather aggressive but today I think he went too far. My regular PT, A, is going easy on me, but J wanted to go further and really "exercise" (which translates to pain for me).

I was in tears when I came home... that's not entirely true, I was crying in the pool as well, J didn't really notice because we were in the pool and my face was wet from me rubbing the tears away. I have to trust him because he "knows" what he's doing.

So here I am, tearing up from the chlorine and the pain, have taken a generic vicodin and cancelling me next PT appointment until my regular PT comes back.

I miss going to work, even though I was in pain, I looked forward to going, I miss it so much.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


We just got back from seeing the new Indiana Jones movie- it was awesome!!! There is one part that has snakes in it ((N: make sure that you close your eyes and ears for a good minute or two while they are in the quick sand stuff, after she tells Indy something)). Well one snake, but still. I rather liked the movie, though Neil is ify on it. We'll see.

Lately I've been thinking of Aunt Maria and missing her terribly. I'm wearing the ring we picked out once when I was visiting her. We got some diet dr pepper in honor of her... well Neil paid and I told him I wanted it.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Icky Krespy Kreams

Neil is the best. I had a craving for some doughnuts… which isn’t good for losing weight, but I love’em anyways sometimes. Though Krispy Kreams are nasty- I’m sorry step-dad, but they are. I usually don’t care for them but when they have chocolate topped cinnamon rolls… who can resist right? Well I got two… TWO!!! Yes… I’m a pig, but I’m sure it will be for a good cause for I am giving blood today!!!

I got to see N’s friend and mine- J!!! She’s so awesome- I missed her. I lent her a TON of mangas and anime. I hope she likes them… She’s so awesome!!! I miss her very much.

I’m thinking of making purses for a bit… to help get some income you know? That’s what some of the ladies at work are saying… they liked them and I could sell them for some money. Mostly for fun… I’d like to sell them for the cost of the yarn plus some extra… that way I can make some of a profit.

I’d like to know what you readers think.