Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My eyes are still stinging from physical therapy today. I had a really painful time. My PT person, J, Is always rather aggressive but today I think he went too far. My regular PT, A, is going easy on me, but J wanted to go further and really "exercise" (which translates to pain for me).

I was in tears when I came home... that's not entirely true, I was crying in the pool as well, J didn't really notice because we were in the pool and my face was wet from me rubbing the tears away. I have to trust him because he "knows" what he's doing.

So here I am, tearing up from the chlorine and the pain, have taken a generic vicodin and cancelling me next PT appointment until my regular PT comes back.

I miss going to work, even though I was in pain, I looked forward to going, I miss it so much.
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