Friday, June 27, 2008

Broken URL

As many of you (or none) realise, the link for last times amazingly adorable article was broken... yahoo! is not one of my favorite companies, but they aren't bad, they are my second source for good information on movies so I'm not going to say anything else about them.

As for the new link:

BBC is always very good for information- gatta love'em.

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My honey and I saw You Don't Mess With The Zohon last night... it... was... AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed it. It's not something that N would like, it has some 'crud humor, but it's very neat- one of Adam Sadler's (main actor/writer/creator of the movie) movies. is more information on the movie.

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I dragged my honey along to a wedding last Saturday- it was so lovely!!! I couldn't stay long because of back (stupid back). However, the entire ceremony these "no see'ems" bit me all over and now I have bumps everywhere, my face looks like a teenagers hit puberty... they're just bumps, not zits, no white heads, nothing dark- they're just light pink bumps... it's so odd. It's been over a week!!! Grrr. They itch and are ugly- I feel so ugly.
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