Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Icky Krespy Kreams

Neil is the best. I had a craving for some doughnuts… which isn’t good for losing weight, but I love’em anyways sometimes. Though Krispy Kreams are nasty- I’m sorry step-dad, but they are. I usually don’t care for them but when they have chocolate topped cinnamon rolls… who can resist right? Well I got two… TWO!!! Yes… I’m a pig, but I’m sure it will be for a good cause for I am giving blood today!!!

I got to see N’s friend and mine- J!!! She’s so awesome- I missed her. I lent her a TON of mangas and anime. I hope she likes them… She’s so awesome!!! I miss her very much.

I’m thinking of making purses for a bit… to help get some income you know? That’s what some of the ladies at work are saying… they liked them and I could sell them for some money. Mostly for fun… I’d like to sell them for the cost of the yarn plus some extra… that way I can make some of a profit.

I’d like to know what you readers think.
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