Monday, May 26, 2008


Well dear readers~ I have some great news: I have finished the purse!!! Granted it's not so pretty... But still... I finally finished it...

As you know, I'm a terrible sewer... TERREBLE!!! I killed TWO sewing needles (from the machine)... Mom's beautiful new high-tech sewing machine... it has all these awesome patterns and great stitches!!! Oops- sorry, I should have mentioned that it's a touch screen computer sewing machine... so yeah

I REALLY like how the strap turned out... I think it's rather neat. In case you can't tell from the pictures... ((hint hint)) there is a leaf-stitch-pattern that I tried to put into the works. Leaves are my signature think I think...

But other then that-yesterday Neil's best friend and his "wife" and their child came over to visit... well the boys played with their computers. They set them up in the kitchen, right on the table... so... much... cables... it was kinda scary... buuuuuuuuuut they had so much fun. I was in charge of keeping the "wife" and kid entertained.

Which would have been great fun [sarcasm]... however the neighbors dog was out again and I saw him, put a leash on him and took him back home and put him in the backyard since they weren't home yet. On the way there he pulled me too much and my back was screaming to me, I nearly lost my walking ability the pain was great. But I wanted the doggie to be safe so I did it anyways, he's SUPER STRONG!!!!! He maybe blind but that dog is VERY STRONG!!!

So there you go. A rather intresting update but you get the idea. I'm just happy Neil was happy about the whole thing.

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