Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pills Suck

I have decided that because of this quest to find out what's up with my back... it's getting so depressing that I have to explain it and write it out for others to understand why I get so upset about it:

In the morning:
-Lamictal 100mg (a mood stabiliser) take one and one half tablet
-Calcium [500mg] & Magnesium [250mg](to help with migraines) just one tablet
-Alli 60mg (weight loss aid) just one capsule
-Sertraline 100mg (antidepressants) 2 pills
-Omeprazole 20mg (helps the stomach acid) one capsule
-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

In the evening:
-Lamictal 100mg (a mood stabiliser) take one and one half tablet
-Tri-Sprintec (aka birth control) take one tablet
-Verapamil SR 180 (migraine prevention) one tablet
-Zolpidem 10mg (sleeping aid) one tablet when needed
-Magnesium 250mg (to help with migraines) just one tablet
-Woman's multi-vitamin (for overall healthy-ness) just one tablet
-Gabapentin 300mg (to help with pain in the back) one capsule

When needed:
-Hydrocod 5/apap500 (very powerful narcotic used for extreme pain, mostly for my migraines)
-Quinine leg cramps (need only when there are leg cramps that are unbearable.)
-Naproxen 500mg (help with pain in back/leg) 1-3 tablets daily
-Gabapentin 300mg (help with back/leg pain) 3 tablets daily
-Metoclopramide 10mg (use for onset of headache/migraine) 1/2 to one tablet
-Axert 12.5mg (use for onset of migraine/headache) 1 tablet 2 max daily

So I'm taking at least 14 pills a day... that is very depressing if you ask me. Why so many you may ask, I'll tell you why, because I'm somehow a defected human. If I lived in Germany when the whole Hitler thing was going on (their darkest part of history, I feel bad that they have to live with that for the rest of the country's life) I would be put in the gas chambers. I think mostly because I'm dark haired and dark eyed, plus I would stand-up for the Jewish people the best I could, AAAANNNDDD all my health issues.

This is a rather depressing post, I know, but if you were facing financial issues like mine, you would get depressed as well. I am so tired of hurting and so tired of feeling helpless and useless. I'm sure someone who reads this can relate. Neil is doing so well in helping me feel better. I talked to my boss today and I'm worried I may not have a job to go back to anymore. I felt like a family there, but now I'm faced with loosing the job I love and the people that I care about. That place is so unique and wonderful that you can't help but care about it deeply.

Several things that are helping get threw this: Neil, Samuri, knitting, tea, and my family and friends. Neil for loving me, Samuri for being my baby, knitting to get my mind off things and feel like I'm actually accomplishing something, and tea for relaxing me.

Sorry dear readers for the 'no picture' post and being all depressed like. I need to vent to more then just the people around me (to get it out) and to let you readers know how my life is going.

Again, sorry or no pictures.
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