Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am alive.

Though my life isn't interesting, this blog (internet really) is just a dump for my whining and complaining. Oh well, you're reading it.

I was sewing all day! I feel good about getting something done, but it looks terrible! I'll have pictures up soon... soon-ish. It's part of the purse I'm making for a former co-worker. I hope that she likes it. Though it's very ugly.

There was a frog in our pool! He's so cute!!! Neil was cleaning out the pool and getting it all ready when he found him! We've been listening to him every night croaking loudly! We put him in a container and eventually set him free. My first hopes was to give him to a local family that owns a local shop downtown that lost their froggiess. But they couldn't so I took him down to the river after I dropped Neil off at work. I hope he's okay.
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