Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ugly Sock

My ugly sock is done... and there are pictures up. I think it looks pretty cool... ugly but cool. I got this pattern off the internet website:, the pattern is called "Comfy Socks" By the Knitscene Design Team. Credit is given where credit is due.

Went for a nature walk/hike with all three today, killed me! All because of a salamander... he's the cause of my pain. J wanted to move this other huge rock to see him (after I said I saw him run under the big rock) so he pushed the rock down the hillside into the trail so he could see the salamander, didn't get to see him even after that. He tried to move the rock off the trail but it was too big/heavy... so I had to help, it was too big so I just ended up hurting myself. I is smart.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trick 'r' Treat

Most people find it a bit odd that I use a plastic Halloween pumpkin candy pail for my yarn balls when I"m knitting. it's like my project purse.

I'm starting socks now... hold on dad, they're coming. Light blue, but still coming.

Sammy is slowly liking (and getting cat-like infatuation) with yarn. I"m so proud of him.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

K-town Bound?

Well, mom is really pushing for me to move to K-town. I've always wanted to go back, but I have N now and that's a factor. WE have to decide. He says he's willing as long has these certain factors are okay (rent/where, utilities, gas, food, internet, min. wage, money), and whether or not I have the job before we move. Mom said she'd help me out... ME... not N and me, just me. I honestly think she's trying to split us up, only because I think she thinks he's not good enough for me.

UGH! What to do!? I could really use some advice here, anybody's opinion would work. Moving to a new state (though I've lived there before). We were talking about bring our friend D with us, since he's always wanted to live in A-State. Oh the details. I wonder *how* you can find out what minimum wage is there...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature Walk

I went with my nieces on a nature walk on a local trail. It was fun. Sadly my "nice" camera is odd and only takes half the pictures. No idea why, I think I need to take it to a repair shop or something. Anyways, here are a few shots that are okay and aren't of family so they're safe to put on here. People that know me and have facebook, you can see them.

Facebook has become my main source of information, sad isn't it? It's like Twitter, my blog, a clean version of myspace, and some sort of email communication. I like twitter because people can post what they're doing and I don't feel so disconnected to them; facebook also has this option.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marshmallow Happy

If you know me, you know that I don't really like marshmallows... well I've eaten like a dozen in the past two days! What's up with that? Anyways, I'm knitting like mad, trying to see if I can make any profit from this, but knowing my luck... I have 16 (not including the two that are gifts) and one I'm working on right now. I really hope I can make some profit from them because I like them so much and think they would be great. I would really like to sell them in one of the shops downtown, but we'll see.

I'm still looking for a job... One of my girlfriends says they're hiring like mad downtown, but the thing is I get migraines and, now, have back issues, the jobs are all basically labor jobs, which I wouldn't really have a problem with if I wasn't hurting!

So keep in touch for pictures of the mini sweaters.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

tea dyed yarn

I have tea dyed yarn! Woots for me! And the girls helped with food-coloring-dying yarn... yeah yeah yeah, hard to explain, but it was fun. They had fun. Today I dyed some black yarn... with the RIT dyestuff and when it came time to get it out of the pot (because you have to bring it to a boil with wool apparently) and let it cool then rinse it out... that's where I failed. I forgot that the dye is dye and didn't use rubber gloves. My hands are dark... I should take a picture of them. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the dying process.

And time for them to dry out!

Now for my latest project! Tiny sweaters on tiny hangers! These are going to be christmas ornaments! FYI: the brown sweater in the bottom picture is the tea-dyed yarn one.

Here is a bracelet that my grandmother gave me. It's so beautiful!