Sunday, May 03, 2009

tea dyed yarn

I have tea dyed yarn! Woots for me! And the girls helped with food-coloring-dying yarn... yeah yeah yeah, hard to explain, but it was fun. They had fun. Today I dyed some black yarn... with the RIT dyestuff and when it came time to get it out of the pot (because you have to bring it to a boil with wool apparently) and let it cool then rinse it out... that's where I failed. I forgot that the dye is dye and didn't use rubber gloves. My hands are dark... I should take a picture of them. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the dying process.

And time for them to dry out!

Now for my latest project! Tiny sweaters on tiny hangers! These are going to be christmas ornaments! FYI: the brown sweater in the bottom picture is the tea-dyed yarn one.

Here is a bracelet that my grandmother gave me. It's so beautiful!

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