Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Knits

Today I found out that the majority of my girl friends are having children. Holy crap! How many booties should I make now? 8? 14? I feel dizzy. And need soft yarn. I feel dizzy and need soft yarn. So many babies. This is why I request all of my ladies to post as many pictures as you can on facebook so I can see them! Love to see them! Babies everywhere.

The sock is finished and so is a scarf. Half way threw another and need to start a hat. THEN I will be done with my christmas knitting. Just booties for babies, or socks, need soft yarn- have I mentioned that? Sorry no pictures!

Not knitting nearly as much as I want, school and all. Plus nothing happens to me much. I visit my nieces and nephew often, but never seem to get pictures- it could be due to the fact my digital camera is broken. My cell camera still works, but it's not as good as my digital. First my digital camera brakes, then my printer. technology hates me. I knit there when I'm not doing homework or talking with the family. It's really nice to spend time with them.

Now to figure out tonights homework and this thanksgiving schedule.