Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sony is awesome!

While the quality isn't that great, I still love this camera, it's easy to operate (somewhat....) and it's hardy (I'm not afraid it will brake so easily if it were to slip from my hands). Enjoy!

Here is a "eh" type picture of my new computer. Shelby passed away, her mother-board thingy couldn't be fixed; Neil decided to purchase a nice computer for me... details are in color!

This is what I"m hoping to be my next knitting project, skipping the socks again, they scare me. The blue/turquoise yarn is what I think I'll try to use to make the purse for a co-worker. I hope it works out okay.

This is a box I painted and coated with fabric or a gift (for N). They are Sakura Blossoms. I made stencils (out of basic sturdy paper) and just used shades of pink (plus white paint ever-so-often).

This is the bottom of it, the inside bottom is also covered in this fabric. It's my first time using fabric glue/tacky stuff to secure it, I don't like it, but it works. The pen marks are REALLY highlighted and soak/bleed when the glue/tacky stuff is used.

Don't forget the sides! You can't tell too well, but up in the right corner is part of a blossom, it's on the top and other side, so it looks rather neat. I think it looks cool anyways.

In conclusion I enjoyed this project a lot. Not only because it was painting (I enjoy painting things) but because it had to o with the Con in a way. That's why I made it, as a S-con present for N.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

frozen concentrated apple juice

Note to everyone: eating frozen concentrated apple juice will more then likely make you stick to your tummy.

My dell is here. I'm not feeling well (back) again. Annoyed with money issues. can't wait for the first of May so I can get the doctors appointment out of the way and figure out what's wrong.

[blah blah blah]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A World Gone Mad

Well readers, I have to tell you one of the worst news ever- Shelby passed away. In case you don't know, or don't know me, Shelby is-er was my laptop. So I'll be using my honey's computer until my DELL comes in... Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell!

Oh yes, I have a few more projects I'm doing, I'll be posting them when I get my Dell, only because I can't keep them on his computer because I'd feel bad.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Me & World Wide Web...

The below blog was actually written and meant to be posted the other day, but our internet was down. When Neil got it fixed I didn’t get it into my head when he said he got it up and running because I thought we didn’t have it for another day… I’m so stupid.


So let me get this straight, we have about 370 more days till the next Sakura Con?! That’s WAY way way way too long.

Everyone says the con goes by fast but I don’t really see it. I’ve never been one to enjoy the festivities, but rather want to be a part of making it. To me, that’s the fun. So the con was short, but defiantly not long. There was a little drama, but I think that it just went over my head a bit… I don’t know, I really didn’t pay attention to the gossip and dramas this year.

I want to do more for this next con. I really really really really want to do more this next year. There are a few possibilities open to me at the moment and I want to help out so badly so I want to know NOW!!! So impatient I am.

It’s true. I did a lot of shopping… sad to say, I spent more then I planned but not more then I can afford. I brought 250$ cash with me, and used 70$ off my beautiful credit card.
I say beautiful because it is… ASPCA is working with Visa credit cards to make this awesome deal. There is very low interest, AFTER A YEAR! And the interest doesn’t pile up like one might think it would. I’ve read the fine print; I know you’re thinking “nuh-uh”. But it’s true!!!! I have a nice limit (realistic for myself as well), and there is no minimum payment (thought I make at least 50$ if not more payments every month).

Anyways, back to what I purchased- mostly mangas… and the rest pretty much on art, food, and stickers (Sakura-Con stickers). Though I did get a plushie from one of my all time favorite artists (her manga ROCKS!!! And her art!!! I lo-ike her so much!!!). Our friend N got me the most adorable plushie- DOMO!!! Domo-kun is just sooo cute. I love it so much.

Thank goodness for my wonderful co-worker for taking care of our fuzzy babies while we were gone. But Blackie still made messes (mom’s used tissues being shredded by the black dog called Blackie). Thank you L for making the con possible.

--- --- ---

Awww… Leatherheads (movie coming out) has the most sexy George Clooney in it, I want to see the movie only because he’s in it… isn’t that rather sad? I don’t like Renee Zellwigger as an actress so part of me is hesitant.

--- --- ---

So other then that… I have nothing… just a strong desire for nice chocolate moose/or/cake to have during my [romance] manga reading time. And it’s not the “adult/XXX” kind.