Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving Part ???

Anyone know of a gadget cleaner (electronic wipes/cleaner type stuff) that won't dry out after a week after being first opened? Seriously. Less then a week and the wipes are all dried out. The very last one is barely damp enough to do the job. What the hell.

On to the moving, because I know you don't want to know about gadget wipes. The move is irritating still, and I am taking it slow. It's not like we're going anywhere (bada-bing) so I'm not to worried.

Knitting seems to have taken a backseat to this, and yet I've been working on my miscellaneous/mindless scarf. It's scary fun. I'm trying to think of different patterns, like a patchwork pattern for a few inches, then switch to a sockstinch for another few inches, then a lacy one. It's fun. A light purple acrylic yarn, that is rather soft. Can't help but wonder what this mindless scarf will turn into. So far it just looks odd.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving Is So Much Fun

Not! Who decided that stuff took up so much room? Seriously, who said that this little picture frame was to take up half the box?! T_T Drives me nuts. It's been 20-ish days and we're still not fully unpacked. Getting there, but not yet.

I have my office area almost done with... about half way I'd say. It's BIG... BIG big. I will have photos later on when it's done, whenever that will be. I have those string of lights up, the ones people put on trees during the christmas holiday. They let off a nice glow and don't make a sound that most bulbs do that gives me a headache.

Part of why it's taking so long is that we're also going threw our stuff and tossing what we don't use or even need (now or in the future). I'm also going threw all my old momentos (spelling?) and seeing what still holds sentimental value and what doesn't. Somethings I have forgotten which makes me wonder if I have lost it because it truly wasn't a memorable memory, or because of the medication and it's side-effect of memory loss. Either way, I tossed some things, put others in a box to give away, and some back in the save-box. I'm a pack-rat after all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 09, 2011

Making a Home

What makes a home. A question that has pledged us for generations. Is it the memories that are made inside? The building that is built to house a family? Or is it the butt load of crap put in it? Because if it is the latter then this is a home times like five. When did we get all this stuff? WHEN!? When we have our own place it will be great, but we have roommates... it's so overwhelming really.

So far we have counted one broken lamp and one broken snow globe my sister Jennifer gave me. I have always cherished it and cried so hard when I found it broken. The music piece and the inside of the globe are fine, but the glass and glitter are dead (along with the water of course).

Things are coming along slowly, but I think it's meant to be slowly.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Moving Craziness

Day 4 (yesterday) into the move and already I am having internet withdraws. Kidding. Nah, doing okay without it. Would like it, but entertaining one's self with Sims Medieval and not unpacking. Sad I know. Would really like to have my blog updated, facebook checked, and emails dealt with. Oh and a simple non-important thing called SEARCHING FOR A JOB!!! Public library it is, or going to a wifi place with Cupcake (laptop's name).

Taking pictures of the rooms of before we move in, and will take pictures of after we get settled in so you kinda know how we decorate the area and such. I don't know, I think it would be kinda cool, and hopefully the readers will like it.

Odly enough, we haven't been eating totally healthy, but I've noticed my cloths (and undies) have been fitting loosely. Not a ton, but a little bit, just enough for me to notice. Though it could be from all the moving... granted I really haven't lifted a finger during this whole thing, remember, my back?

Sam seems to be liking the new surroundings, well, the closed is his favorite place so far. The corner of the closet is what he likes best. He's still a bit scared, less so then when we first got here, which is good since Neil washed the carpet in the room yesterday. Sammy layed beside me in bed and I just petted him and talked with him, reassuring him that he was okay.

Overall I think this move has gone rather well. Would be better if I had more kitchen things (mixing bowls, cupcake/muffin sheet thing, forks). I digress.

Day 5 (current day) is going fine. The last of our stuff has entered this house and I have to say, we have a shit load of stuff. Seriously, when did we get all this crap? SO MANY BOXES!!! Starting to feel overwhelmed and Neil and Vito are off doing their card thing at the local card shop and wont be home till like midnight. So I hijacked the internet from Vito's computer and using it to look for a job, write a blog, do a little facebook, and get caught up on emails! WAH! Crazy in the house! Oh, and I have to watch the rest of Highlander before the 10th because the library will charge a late fee if it's late. Craziness all around. So Sam and I are getting all cozy in the bed, watching a rather good looking guy save the day on the screen, while knitting up the hat.

Good times were had by all. I have to say, while it is nice to live on our own, I'm getting anxiety from all this stuff. We can't fully move in till the owners move their stuff out. *sigh* until then a box fort might be built.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sakura Con

Con!!! Aside from the ear full I got from the two people I went with, I thought the con went rather well. Sure I didn't get to go to the zombie panel (more zombie fans then I anticipated) and less time for shopping then I was hopping for, but overall I thought the customs were fun, the people were nagging (but still looked like they were having fun for the most part), and things seemed to run smoothly.

It seemed nice enough, to me anyways.

We're packing up and it's been rather stressful! My fiance has been doing most of it so it shouldn't be bothering me that much, but it triggered a nasty headache yesterday (and one somewhat today as well). I'll probably have pictures of our place when we get settled in. So far it's all about them moving out and us just packing up at our current place. It's going to be nice to be in our own place (we'll have roommates, but it's still kinda like our own place) but paying rent is going to suuuuuuck! It's not bad (no, I wont tell), but still I'd like 0$ rent!

Knitting!!!! I've been working on a hat that my Aunty asked me to make for her grandbaby! What dose that make him, my cousin's son that is... dose that make him anything? My second cousin? My nephew-cousin-second? Gah, too confusing.

Gadgets!!! My new laptop has arrived and I am very happy. So is mommy! She got my "old" one. While my "old" laptop was really nice and not really that old, it didn't do things I needed it to do, like gaming and hold my writings like this one is meant to. Plus the picture on this bad boy is sweeeeeet! Mom needed an upgrade from her stone age one. It's not old in human years, but in computer years it was beyond old. So, she got the "old" laptop, I get a new one (which wasn't badly priced, the only reason we got it) and I can play my Sims without hassle! WOOTS!

That's all folks!