Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sakura Con

Con!!! Aside from the ear full I got from the two people I went with, I thought the con went rather well. Sure I didn't get to go to the zombie panel (more zombie fans then I anticipated) and less time for shopping then I was hopping for, but overall I thought the customs were fun, the people were nagging (but still looked like they were having fun for the most part), and things seemed to run smoothly.

It seemed nice enough, to me anyways.

We're packing up and it's been rather stressful! My fiance has been doing most of it so it shouldn't be bothering me that much, but it triggered a nasty headache yesterday (and one somewhat today as well). I'll probably have pictures of our place when we get settled in. So far it's all about them moving out and us just packing up at our current place. It's going to be nice to be in our own place (we'll have roommates, but it's still kinda like our own place) but paying rent is going to suuuuuuck! It's not bad (no, I wont tell), but still I'd like 0$ rent!

Knitting!!!! I've been working on a hat that my Aunty asked me to make for her grandbaby! What dose that make him, my cousin's son that is... dose that make him anything? My second cousin? My nephew-cousin-second? Gah, too confusing.

Gadgets!!! My new laptop has arrived and I am very happy. So is mommy! She got my "old" one. While my "old" laptop was really nice and not really that old, it didn't do things I needed it to do, like gaming and hold my writings like this one is meant to. Plus the picture on this bad boy is sweeeeeet! Mom needed an upgrade from her stone age one. It's not old in human years, but in computer years it was beyond old. So, she got the "old" laptop, I get a new one (which wasn't badly priced, the only reason we got it) and I can play my Sims without hassle! WOOTS!

That's all folks!
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