Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving Is So Much Fun

Not! Who decided that stuff took up so much room? Seriously, who said that this little picture frame was to take up half the box?! T_T Drives me nuts. It's been 20-ish days and we're still not fully unpacked. Getting there, but not yet.

I have my office area almost done with... about half way I'd say. It's BIG... BIG big. I will have photos later on when it's done, whenever that will be. I have those string of lights up, the ones people put on trees during the christmas holiday. They let off a nice glow and don't make a sound that most bulbs do that gives me a headache.

Part of why it's taking so long is that we're also going threw our stuff and tossing what we don't use or even need (now or in the future). I'm also going threw all my old momentos (spelling?) and seeing what still holds sentimental value and what doesn't. Somethings I have forgotten which makes me wonder if I have lost it because it truly wasn't a memorable memory, or because of the medication and it's side-effect of memory loss. Either way, I tossed some things, put others in a box to give away, and some back in the save-box. I'm a pack-rat after all.
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