Saturday, May 07, 2011

Moving Craziness

Day 4 (yesterday) into the move and already I am having internet withdraws. Kidding. Nah, doing okay without it. Would like it, but entertaining one's self with Sims Medieval and not unpacking. Sad I know. Would really like to have my blog updated, facebook checked, and emails dealt with. Oh and a simple non-important thing called SEARCHING FOR A JOB!!! Public library it is, or going to a wifi place with Cupcake (laptop's name).

Taking pictures of the rooms of before we move in, and will take pictures of after we get settled in so you kinda know how we decorate the area and such. I don't know, I think it would be kinda cool, and hopefully the readers will like it.

Odly enough, we haven't been eating totally healthy, but I've noticed my cloths (and undies) have been fitting loosely. Not a ton, but a little bit, just enough for me to notice. Though it could be from all the moving... granted I really haven't lifted a finger during this whole thing, remember, my back?

Sam seems to be liking the new surroundings, well, the closed is his favorite place so far. The corner of the closet is what he likes best. He's still a bit scared, less so then when we first got here, which is good since Neil washed the carpet in the room yesterday. Sammy layed beside me in bed and I just petted him and talked with him, reassuring him that he was okay.

Overall I think this move has gone rather well. Would be better if I had more kitchen things (mixing bowls, cupcake/muffin sheet thing, forks). I digress.

Day 5 (current day) is going fine. The last of our stuff has entered this house and I have to say, we have a shit load of stuff. Seriously, when did we get all this crap? SO MANY BOXES!!! Starting to feel overwhelmed and Neil and Vito are off doing their card thing at the local card shop and wont be home till like midnight. So I hijacked the internet from Vito's computer and using it to look for a job, write a blog, do a little facebook, and get caught up on emails! WAH! Crazy in the house! Oh, and I have to watch the rest of Highlander before the 10th because the library will charge a late fee if it's late. Craziness all around. So Sam and I are getting all cozy in the bed, watching a rather good looking guy save the day on the screen, while knitting up the hat.

Good times were had by all. I have to say, while it is nice to live on our own, I'm getting anxiety from all this stuff. We can't fully move in till the owners move their stuff out. *sigh* until then a box fort might be built.
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