Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving Part ???

Anyone know of a gadget cleaner (electronic wipes/cleaner type stuff) that won't dry out after a week after being first opened? Seriously. Less then a week and the wipes are all dried out. The very last one is barely damp enough to do the job. What the hell.

On to the moving, because I know you don't want to know about gadget wipes. The move is irritating still, and I am taking it slow. It's not like we're going anywhere (bada-bing) so I'm not to worried.

Knitting seems to have taken a backseat to this, and yet I've been working on my miscellaneous/mindless scarf. It's scary fun. I'm trying to think of different patterns, like a patchwork pattern for a few inches, then switch to a sockstinch for another few inches, then a lacy one. It's fun. A light purple acrylic yarn, that is rather soft. Can't help but wonder what this mindless scarf will turn into. So far it just looks odd.
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