Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Golden Wine

While life IS going forward, it feels like it's going so slow it's in pending mode. Going back to school (dealing with FAFSA), regular exercise on the wii (we got a black one!), and room enough to get started on my craft projects. But all I seem to be doing is the first two, and reading books! Oh and tea... plently of tea for me to drink.

I can't help but wonder where this all is leading to. Wonder if someone will come up to me and say "Would you like to know how it all ends?" and how would I answer? Part of me says yes, and part of me says no. The schooling, the whole moving out. Was it a good idea? Is this all leading to a good path? I have enough regrets as it is, I don't want this to be one more. It's hard to imagin that more school would be a regret, but anything is possible.

Now for something positive! Sammy's doing better. At least he looks it. The meds I think are helping with the fluid in his lungs and blood in his bladder. He has become more needy and demanding of attention. Very unlike him. It's rather nice, like last night, I was laying it bed reading when he came up and laid on the book! Well, I had to give him attention then! He was so damn cute I couldn't help it!

Dear readers, I am off to watch more Doctor Who and paint my nails Golden Wine and drink green tea. Wish you luck.
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