Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out of Shape

Cleaning your massive room can make you winded. I had to use my inhaler! Since we moved in almost two months ago there have been some boxes left in the room, since there is room in our big room. It doesn't help that I'm very lazy and get panic attacks whenever I see said boxes. Not today. Today I decided to tackle them a bit. Got a good amount done before I noticed I wasn't really breathing. Scary. Gasping a bit I reached for my med chest and got the inhaler. Little Totty (Vito's daughter) had been 'helping' me with the cleaning (she's 4) and seeing me use the inhaler wanted to try it. I said no. So instead I decided to try our ultra special perfume that makes you smell like cake. That did it for her and she forgot all about the inhaler.

Man, am I out of shape or what?

Good news though. Not only am I going to start school in the fall, I'm doing more for the con! That's right, I'm helping Trinket out more with the con by being "Assistant Public Relations Manager". She believes in me and I her so I know this will work out. I have Neil to be my rock, he believes in me too. I've always wanted to do more for the con (con  is short for Sakura-con) and this is a great time to spread my wings.

No crafts, well, just my barf scarf. Having fun with it. Just different patterns along the whole thing. When it's done you guys get to see it. ;)
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