Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have to say that Enchanted is one of my all time favorite Disney movie. It is AWESOME!!! If you haven't seen it- SEE IT!!! If you don't you'll regret it. I am so loving this movie. I saw it today with my friend Nicole. So great.

The main actress, Amy Adams, completely embodies the old style Disney movie princesses. The fact that Adams is a professional dancer probably helps, but her facial expressions are amazing and the way she presents her character is amazing. She's just awesome.

Plain awesome.

Also- if you've seen the movie made from the Broadway musical "RENT" you'll see that Morin (spelling?) plays as one of the main character's girlfriend. I didn't recognize her at first without her reddish hair, but she has that smile that is memorable.

The Prince is awesome. He is a prince threw and threw. You got to love him. He's trying so hard and finds happiness!

And that one guy that plays on Grey's Anatomy (spelling?) show dose rather well. Being from a TV show and all the hype about him I didn't feel like he would be that good, but he was. He plays his character very well.
So get your butt off this computer chair-ish area and go see it! And take me with you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Coca-Cola was originally green

Man oh man. I'm annoyed to all hell. Why can't life be so much simpler? My best friend is moving away, another isn't talking to me, and my last one here is an if-y thing. All I have is Neil now. Don't get me wrong. I love him very much, but what little safety net I had is gone. I'm really happy for the first said friend. She's finally going to be able to do what she loves and has always wanted to do. And the last said friend is doing well, but I worry about her happiness. She maybe moving away as well. As long as she's happy though.

This Saturday we may be going to get me a car... FINALLY!!! Though I really need to get my things in order... Like looking at what I need, blue book price, and so on.

I'm just annoyed that I'm not a better person, that I don't have any money for S-Con this year, my pain tolerance isn't as high as I would like it to be (though I have a high pain tolerance to begin with...), that I don't know if I'm going to get this car, I can't go anywhere, Neil and I are stuck in this basement with no job (except me), and so many more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Project Down!

This is a sweater I'm making... it's done... finally!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Arm Rests

I've been looking into green energy, I'm trying to become more aware of ways to save energy and the environment. This one is about UK funds. I think it's rather interesting. I want to share it.

Harry Potter fans- this is for you! Mostly for Marie and Nicole (first names only for safety reasons). Oh and Dumbledore is gay... though I probably already told you all this, but here is a different article about it- I like their humor "In other words, so what?"

A friend of mine in the UK just got his iPhone. I had this one saved for a bit and thought it would be relative to put it in here. We had fun playing around last night on his phone. He was talking to me and listening to music and God knows what else.

Recently I have been searching for ways to help me loose weight... I'm up to a bad weight and need to really loose weight. This website has a really neat health article, hope you enjoy it as well. Hope you enjoy this one.

--- --- ---

Things have been odd. I haven't been happy but not too sad. Sammy is next to me right now on my favorite blue chair. It's a lay-z-boy just so you know. He's laying on the right arm rest and I pet him and scratch under his chin every like 30 seconds. Weird I know.

Two weeks of family in a few days. I love family get togethers, but I'm not as nervous as I should be. But we'll see.

I've been working on one of my crafty things. I"m not nearly as crafty as my sister on my dad's side, but I like it; it makes me happy.

I have really good friends. I posted something in white text, never expecting anyone to see it. I guess I just wanted to post it so I feel like I'm sharing but without others knowing I wasn't okay.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I need a random title of blogs generator...

After talking to my girl friend about what's been on her mind, she brought to my attention about the writers that are on strike, I knew I needed to look it up. not only because it's important to her, but because, oh who am I kidding, it's because it's important to her and I want to have things in common with her and show interest in what's important to her. Here is a link to a really neat article about the celebrities that are supporting the writers on their straight.

When I was in Germany I was introduced to Euro... it's expensive! My computer has this google desk bar thingy that has like tabs of things you can have, like news tabs, cooking recipes tabs, and such. I have the BBC news tabs- so I take a look ever so often, like every day or two... Before I go any further- here is the link. They discuss how the Euro is more US dollars then it has been in like forever.

--- --- ---

Anyways- I've been doing better since my little incident. Back and forth. I still feel depressed though, mostly because things don't seem to be doing any better (money, Neil's job hunt, and so on). I am going to try and work more hours once the holidays hit, then I'll be getting better with money for myself.

Other then that. NOTHING is going on. Okay, there are a few things. Such as Neil had a job opportunity... part time but still... he hasn't really told me if he's going for it or not. I'm trying not to let it get to me though. Nicole and I got to hang out, which was really nice; even though I kinda got sick after she purchased lunch for me. u.u*

I'm currently watching: The Lizzie Mcguire Movie... I've actually been wanting to see it, am I weird.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Gaian Halloween Event

Okay okay, the Gaian Halloween Event is interesting. I'm not too fond of how we get the items, but the items are pretty neat. I like gaiaonline so yeah.

The picture is what I want to do for Neil at times... only because he complains a little that the mini fridge (yes, we have a mini fridge for him) isn't next to the computer....

So yeah. I'm doing better, remember my meds better. Slept for about 12 straight hours... kinda odd, but what can you do?

Here is a pretty dang neat BBC article about health concerning onions! Who knew that awesome veggie would be good for you. I really like onions, but not really raw ones... I'm odd we know this already.

Just remember Stitch 'n Bitch Day-November 10th. Brought to you by I Knit London where you can get more information. Have fun!

Friday, November 02, 2007

giggidy giggidy...

  1. There is a hilarious new clip a friend sent me. Here is the link. It’s about a cat that loves its master.

  2. BBC News records about a USoA church fining for Gay people Saying that dead soldiers were punishment for them being gay.

  3. Next we have an adorable little robot. The world’s smallest robot!!!

  1. This Success Story of the Week by ASPCA reminds me SOO much of my step-dad and our dog… ‘nuff said.
  2. Scrubs (the most awesome-est TV show ever!!!)
    a. USA Today has an interesting article about the future of Scrubs.
    b. Okay okay, this isn’t a news article, but it has awesome funny clips!
    c. This is an older article, but still has interesting information.

  1. Knitting something? Try this one! It’s a great idea for pen’s I think.

  2. There is a new online comic on my list: DMFA
  3. I need to watch this again… it makes me happy. The 1995 film “Persuasion” by Jane Austen. It is such a sweet movie. K-Babe made me watch it once and I really want to have it now for my own so I can watch it a lot… it’s so sweet!

  4. Apparently the BBC news reports that the Olympics ticket sales were suspended.

    --- --- ---

    “Dear readers, recently I have done something stupid. Because of the issues with the accident and everything related, I have gotten very depressed, and to the point where I just want it to end (in a very bad way). I’ve been trying to deal with this but now know I can’t do it alone. Now I know I need my family and friends.”

    That was a few days ago, now I’m doing a lot better. I think the reason I did that was mostly because I missed my morning meds. and the fact that I was already saddened by the ‘stuff’ going on didn’t help. I’m doing better… I have my moments, but I feel a ton better now I’m on regular schedule of taking my meds… dose that make any sense?