Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have to say that Enchanted is one of my all time favorite Disney movie. It is AWESOME!!! If you haven't seen it- SEE IT!!! If you don't you'll regret it. I am so loving this movie. I saw it today with my friend Nicole. So great.

The main actress, Amy Adams, completely embodies the old style Disney movie princesses. The fact that Adams is a professional dancer probably helps, but her facial expressions are amazing and the way she presents her character is amazing. She's just awesome.

Plain awesome.

Also- if you've seen the movie made from the Broadway musical "RENT" you'll see that Morin (spelling?) plays as one of the main character's girlfriend. I didn't recognize her at first without her reddish hair, but she has that smile that is memorable.

The Prince is awesome. He is a prince threw and threw. You got to love him. He's trying so hard and finds happiness!

And that one guy that plays on Grey's Anatomy (spelling?) show dose rather well. Being from a TV show and all the hype about him I didn't feel like he would be that good, but he was. He plays his character very well.
So get your butt off this computer chair-ish area and go see it! And take me with you.
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