Friday, November 02, 2007

giggidy giggidy...

  1. There is a hilarious new clip a friend sent me. Here is the link. It’s about a cat that loves its master.

  2. BBC News records about a USoA church fining for Gay people Saying that dead soldiers were punishment for them being gay.

  3. Next we have an adorable little robot. The world’s smallest robot!!!

  1. This Success Story of the Week by ASPCA reminds me SOO much of my step-dad and our dog… ‘nuff said.
  2. Scrubs (the most awesome-est TV show ever!!!)
    a. USA Today has an interesting article about the future of Scrubs.
    b. Okay okay, this isn’t a news article, but it has awesome funny clips!
    c. This is an older article, but still has interesting information.

  1. Knitting something? Try this one! It’s a great idea for pen’s I think.

  2. There is a new online comic on my list: DMFA
  3. I need to watch this again… it makes me happy. The 1995 film “Persuasion” by Jane Austen. It is such a sweet movie. K-Babe made me watch it once and I really want to have it now for my own so I can watch it a lot… it’s so sweet!

  4. Apparently the BBC news reports that the Olympics ticket sales were suspended.

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    “Dear readers, recently I have done something stupid. Because of the issues with the accident and everything related, I have gotten very depressed, and to the point where I just want it to end (in a very bad way). I’ve been trying to deal with this but now know I can’t do it alone. Now I know I need my family and friends.”

    That was a few days ago, now I’m doing a lot better. I think the reason I did that was mostly because I missed my morning meds. and the fact that I was already saddened by the ‘stuff’ going on didn’t help. I’m doing better… I have my moments, but I feel a ton better now I’m on regular schedule of taking my meds… dose that make any sense?
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