Monday, October 26, 2009

Who likes pie?

Pie is awesome. On a related note there are pictures of my apple pies I baked a few days ago... sketchy on the date, but that's what cameras with time stamps are for.

This is the "frankenstein-pie-crust" because the pie dough was being disobedient...
Who cares what it looks like once you get that yummy pie mix in! Don't forget the butter... (did on the second apple pie).
A pretty design to go with it.And it comes out beautiful! A bit odd but still pretty neat, no?This is the second one made a day or two later before it went into the oven. Isn't it pretty too? The pie dough did better since I used my recipe (posted at end of this entry).

Now for the mini pumpkin pies that I did yesterday. It was suppose to be our craft for the weekend but poor miss Megan (the youngest) was still sick (and is today as well, poor baby). That and Lauren called me a "fat butt" in a hurtful tone. I wanted to smack her mouth as soon as I heard her say that because you don't say that to someone, but she isn't my kid. Just for the record it wouldn't be a "you beat the kid!?" type of smack but a "surprise but not that painful" type of smack. I refuse to beat a kid, spanking as discipline (not a beating kind of hard spanking) is okay.

I could go on with what I believe is right when raising a kid but this is about pies and I don't have any kids so I really don't get a say do I?

Before on top, after on bottom. They did make 24 like the recipe said. Link to recipe.

And no post would be complete without the vase of beautiful flowers Lauren put together for me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanted: Twilight/New Moon Craft Projects

As the title says, I am in need of craft projects I can do with the kids (preferably all three, the two girls and boy, but it usually ends up just us girls) that are related to Twilight and/or the New Moon movie coming out (not soon enough!!!).

Please please PLEASE help me! I'm searching the web and there are so many wonderful ideas floating around but I'm still not finding ones that a 7 year old can do... help?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bit Worried

Getting a bit worried about all this memory lose and slurring of words (left side "droopy"). It's not just me, Neil, my best friend N, mom, dad, even the kids ask why my words are slurred (not like that but still). With all my migraines, memory loss, slurring of words, ,and droopy face, I"m getting seriously worried. Talked to Dr. G but he played it off as depression and not paying attention.

Job hunting on top of this whole settlement thing has got me seriously stressed out. Not to mention MONEY! The constant/daily pain (back/leg) on top of migraines and memory loss things have really got me worried. ON top of all this no one wants to hire me! I've applied at so many different places and have been rejected by all of them! I don't think I should even get a job till this whole fucking settlement is over! (less stress maybe?)

This is just almost too much for me to handle. If I didn't have my soul-mate/life partner to lean on for this I know I would have gone insane.

Plus on all top this is dad constantly nagging me about my weight saying that's why I'm not getting hired! His daughter is sickly skin and bones! A pot smocking, drug junky that is taking advantage of her family (mom & dad), well I guess that includes us too!... HA! I may love her because she's family but we certainly do not like her. I try so fucking hard everyday to hold my tong and be nice/polite as I can be but she still manages to do such petty things to me in return! For example: She's turning dad agents me. Yes you read right. This man who I look up to as my second father said to someone on the phone, introducing me as his wife's daughter and that was ... something (forgot) and that HIS daughter is doing so great. It seems that I am no longer his step-daughter but just a less of a side note "wife's daughter."


No wonder I can't find a job?

Please there are NO jobs out there even the unemployment people said that they can't help me.

Please god, please, if it is right let the settlement end in our favor quickly so our money woes will help lesson our sorrows/issues, so that we can more on in a more positive way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rubber Spatula

Dear readers and friends, I am in desperate need of rubber spatulas! There is only one now and it's a big one, not to mention it's beginning to rip. Since Christmas is coming up I'm going to hint for two things this year: one being the rubber spatula and the second being a single hole punch.

Now moving on to the good stuff. COOKIES!!! The past week has been like a cookie factory here! I've been making many cookies for the family and enjoying wearing my apron. ^_^ I love wearing aprons, I'd wear one all day if I could.

Here's a taste of the snow we got. Not very much but it stuck! I talked to UB today and he doesn't like the snow, but then again, he has to shovel it around... I'm "lucky" to have back problems so I don't have to shovel. ((being sarcastic))

Thinking about maybe my New Years Resolution (sp?) should be to do 100 knitting projects in 2010.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Autumn Clock

As you may have well figured out, the wall clock is on hold. Not only did the nature walks go a little badly, but the clock face part is no more. The wood for the clock was far to thick and when Dave went to cut a hole (kinda) into it to let the clock-machine-part sit in the wood, it kinda broke. Probably for the better I think. Mainly because it was so thick and also it would have been harder to find another cheap clock for the thick wood.

Anyways. Ideas for a good material for a wall-clock-back-thing would be appreciated. Please remember we're going to put leaves we found on the nature walks on it with glue, kind of layering the leafs.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall Garlands

Finally have the fall garlands up! It was a two day process because of, well, pain for one, but the major thing was not having some of the materials. Such as the lights, 5 more feet of the leaves, and Isabelle helping out. No idea why she likes them lights so much, or the face greenery.

My camera wont take a picture of the whole thing very well, there are only 6 panels of window.
My favorite picture of it! Isn't that neat? They are two different types of garlands that I twisted together with the string of lights.
Neat, uh?