Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rubber Spatula

Dear readers and friends, I am in desperate need of rubber spatulas! There is only one now and it's a big one, not to mention it's beginning to rip. Since Christmas is coming up I'm going to hint for two things this year: one being the rubber spatula and the second being a single hole punch.

Now moving on to the good stuff. COOKIES!!! The past week has been like a cookie factory here! I've been making many cookies for the family and enjoying wearing my apron. ^_^ I love wearing aprons, I'd wear one all day if I could.

Here's a taste of the snow we got. Not very much but it stuck! I talked to UB today and he doesn't like the snow, but then again, he has to shovel it around... I'm "lucky" to have back problems so I don't have to shovel. ((being sarcastic))

Thinking about maybe my New Years Resolution (sp?) should be to do 100 knitting projects in 2010.
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