Monday, October 26, 2009

Who likes pie?

Pie is awesome. On a related note there are pictures of my apple pies I baked a few days ago... sketchy on the date, but that's what cameras with time stamps are for.

This is the "frankenstein-pie-crust" because the pie dough was being disobedient...
Who cares what it looks like once you get that yummy pie mix in! Don't forget the butter... (did on the second apple pie).
A pretty design to go with it.And it comes out beautiful! A bit odd but still pretty neat, no?This is the second one made a day or two later before it went into the oven. Isn't it pretty too? The pie dough did better since I used my recipe (posted at end of this entry).

Now for the mini pumpkin pies that I did yesterday. It was suppose to be our craft for the weekend but poor miss Megan (the youngest) was still sick (and is today as well, poor baby). That and Lauren called me a "fat butt" in a hurtful tone. I wanted to smack her mouth as soon as I heard her say that because you don't say that to someone, but she isn't my kid. Just for the record it wouldn't be a "you beat the kid!?" type of smack but a "surprise but not that painful" type of smack. I refuse to beat a kid, spanking as discipline (not a beating kind of hard spanking) is okay.

I could go on with what I believe is right when raising a kid but this is about pies and I don't have any kids so I really don't get a say do I?

Before on top, after on bottom. They did make 24 like the recipe said. Link to recipe.

And no post would be complete without the vase of beautiful flowers Lauren put together for me.
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