Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Woo! We have Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Lex visiting and I have to say that I really missed them. It's been about a year since I last saw Aunt Jeanie, and far more then a year since I saw Uncle Lex.

I haven't been taking many pictures, but am going to try; still working on getting another camera, but my phone will act as it in the meen-time(sp?).

Not the best picture, but it's of Uncle Lex, Dad, the two dogs (Jack and Jill, their kids), and Blackie in there as well. 

--- --- ---

So far I've been personally on the fence. While things aren't bad, they're not good either. Could be worse I suppose, if I didn't have this bunny knit project going on and the second season of Torchwood from the library I think I would have gone insane (yet again) last week.

--- --- ---

Now as for the Nutrisystem diet I've been on: They sent a LOT of food it seems, especially since it's like 10 days early and I still have the 10 days to finish up first. The kids liked the chili/bean stuff I got in the first shipment that I really didn't like. While there are a few things I don't like that they had, their other food is REALLY good. Their chocolate dessert bars are awesome. Dad had one and liked it as well, wanted to know if they just sell those to people.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet Samuri

Sammy took a shower with his mommy, isn't he cute wet?





Last one is my favorite. He's so adorable! Now he's extra soft and a bit happier now that all that extra fur was washed away (clogged the drain, but well worth it) and brushed!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr. Tachikoma Sweater

Project #47 is a mini sweater (remember those? link) that I made from left over fingering yarn that I did for dad's socks projects (link). Did the whole thing while watching the first season of the very first Doctor Who.


This picture has the mini calico sweater, the Doctor Who disc (second and third disc inside), a code cap for scale, and a Tachikoma (sp?) from Ghost in a Shell. It really moves! Neil got it for me when we went over for Trinkets graduation party.

It really moves too!

PS: NYRP #46 is one of the wristwarmers. I said #45 but forgot to mention #46. That's why this mini sweater is NYRP #47. For anyone that was wondering that is.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome Wristwarmers

Alright! I finally made some wristwarmers for myself! They are made with alpaca wool. Pretty purple and pink.


I reinforced the thumb holes so they are not going to stretch and be all digging-into the skin part. Plus I made them bigger so they're all chunky and soft.


The edges are done in a rib stitch that is just like two rows long, the rest is just a knitting stitch. The thumbs and what not are just sewing part.

Aren't they pretty? Project #45 is done!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I find when I'm watching a small video clip on my smart phone (usually I call it "phone" or "cell" but it's a "smart phone" that I have) I try to turn the phone a certain way so I can see down the sink-hole (I was looking at a news clip from a china news report cast). Anyone else do the same thing with their divieces?

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of finished crafts. Yes I have to say, it feels SO good. Three toothbrush bracelets. New Years Resolution Project #40. #41, #42

A pair of wristwarmers for one of the girls little friends.


New Years Resolution Projects #43 and #44. Got to use up some of the wonderful yarn N got me awhile back. Makes me happy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Internet Junkyard #15


1.) FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. 8 years old. Hateful little dog. Bites

2.) FREE PUPPIES: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.

3.) FREE PUPPIES... Part German Shepherd, part stupid dog.

4.) FREE GERMAN SHEPHERD 85 lbs. Neutered. Speaks German.

5.) FOUND DIRTY WHITE DOG. Looks like a rat .. been out awhile. Better be a reward.

6.) COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED...Also 1 gay bull for sale.

7.) NORDIC TRACK:$300 hardly used, call Chubby.

8.) GEORGIA PEACHES, California grown - 89 cents lb.

9.) JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer $300.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Toothbrush Surgery

Either a toothbrush is performing the surgery, or they have nothing to do with each other.

Okay, here's what's going on: Neil and I saw the special doctor to get his opinion on what should happen (big surprise, he agrees with the whole surgery thing). So then we looked at the MRI images on his computer, we could even see my ovaries! Felt like I should have covered up or something, so I told the doc that, he said if it made me feel any better he was only looking at my hip. Didn't make me feel any better. The date is set and the ball is rolling. Come the 27th of next month, you will know that I'll be on the surgery table getting something done to my hip that will, hopefully, result in something very positive.

Now as for the toothbrushes... we went to the dollar store again and searched for those yummy strawberry hard candies (with soft juice type stuff in the center) for mom, but we found toothbrushes instead. They didn't have the strawberry hard candies, don't know where else to find them!

Anyways, we found clear toothbrushes to try the bracelet making out on. Remember last time there was that whole not-bending thing? Well, that's pretty much fixed, now it's cooking these ones for too long. After more then obvious needed time they began to harden in the water as if they were being cooked! So in the right time frame they came out really nice. When it was too long, the plastic that's colored melts together... like when you pick them up with the cooking tongs but just end up cutting into the colored plastic. Silly tongs.


The blue one was the one kinda melted together so I just tor it all off to give a nice clear one. Turned out rather pretty I think. Started out with four, the other purple broke.

Oh yes, that new camera I got? Remember that beautiful, shiny, green, pretty camera I purchased a while back? Yah... it's not working anymore. After a fall from one of the kids it seemed okay, then smelly oils I got spilled on the lens and you can't see a damn thing out of it. So the battery won't stay in because it's busted and the lens is oiled down good. Anyone know how to fix cameras?

And for that matter, my computer mouse too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

39: The Purse

Woots! Project 39 done! I have to say that I messed up with it, but it's not meant to last, just for kids to play with and, later on, destroy. Still think it's cute. Plus completing a project makes me feel better.

Megan's Purse

Doing pretty well the past couple of days. It's nice to know I have such loving family and friends around. Plus we have found a doctor (keep your fingers crossed) that said he wants to see me in person (to figure out the surgery). So keep that in your good thoughts please!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Personal Update

Many of you wonder why I've become rather cranky/bitchy since the accident. I was hoping that the 100 crafts in the year 2010 would help keep me busy and my mind off the pain and depression.

Well, the pain has slowly made me more insane everyday. While I enjoy the projects so much, I find myself getting overwhelmed by the pain more and more.

I am subscript vicodin for the pain. It started out once a week, then once every other day, then one a day, then two, then three and now there is what I call the "2 Hour Burnout".  See the pain comes back fully in two hours instead of four-plus. If you know me you will know I am terrified of being an addict to drugs.

The pain is at levels were I get sick to my stomach and/or tears. It's great to finally know it's not all in my head though. That has made me feel tons better and has helped my parents (who are kind enough to open their home to many of their children and grandchildren*) to get off my back in a way. Even the specialists said they were surprised how well I cope with it. Well, not is so many ways but were surprised non-the-less.

I do NEED surgery to help with the leg pain. Torn ligaments, damaged nerve endings, cartilage damage. The chiropractor has helped so much with not only my neck posture (and posture in general) but with my back pain. That's when we found out that the problem is in the hip. I still have back issues, but not NEARLY as bad as when started the chiropractor. Still can't do things that require lifting and vacuuming things or bending.

Neil is proving to everyone else that we love each other and are meant to be. He has been my rock in so many ways. He is the Uncle Blake to my Aunt Maria. I try to do little things for him, like keep his favorite shirt clean, fold his undies a certain way, have food he'll eat available, a good stock of his Mt Dew (he drinks it like everyone else drinks water, coffee/tea, milk, soda, juice, etc,). It's a running joke that he has various things "wrong" with him, such as his blood would be green, sperm not doing the whole sperm thing, and the fact he's actually very healthy, hardly ever gets sick.

So we (Neil and me) are trying to find a surgeon, covered by our insurance, to perform the surgery. We have one that wants to get us in right away but insurance. The surgery is far more then what the settlement is. Don't get me wrong, having the settlement over and done with is such an amazingly big relief for me. I can't call to find surgeons alone because I'm getting to the point where I just have an anxiety attack and can't breath. It's getting to the point where my pain tolerance is being worn down and I'm in pain all the time and I just get so overwhelmed to the point where I can't do anything.

So this blog belongs to an insane knitting tea drinking female in need of help.

*(who lives here: myself and Neil, step-sister, mom and step-dad, half brother and his wife and their three kids)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

needs to be modified, again

Project no. 37 and 38


Megan owns them now. They were meant for me, but the thumbs are too small (the holes) so I'm going to modify the pattern again and see where it takes me.