Monday, June 14, 2010

Toothbrush Surgery

Either a toothbrush is performing the surgery, or they have nothing to do with each other.

Okay, here's what's going on: Neil and I saw the special doctor to get his opinion on what should happen (big surprise, he agrees with the whole surgery thing). So then we looked at the MRI images on his computer, we could even see my ovaries! Felt like I should have covered up or something, so I told the doc that, he said if it made me feel any better he was only looking at my hip. Didn't make me feel any better. The date is set and the ball is rolling. Come the 27th of next month, you will know that I'll be on the surgery table getting something done to my hip that will, hopefully, result in something very positive.

Now as for the toothbrushes... we went to the dollar store again and searched for those yummy strawberry hard candies (with soft juice type stuff in the center) for mom, but we found toothbrushes instead. They didn't have the strawberry hard candies, don't know where else to find them!

Anyways, we found clear toothbrushes to try the bracelet making out on. Remember last time there was that whole not-bending thing? Well, that's pretty much fixed, now it's cooking these ones for too long. After more then obvious needed time they began to harden in the water as if they were being cooked! So in the right time frame they came out really nice. When it was too long, the plastic that's colored melts together... like when you pick them up with the cooking tongs but just end up cutting into the colored plastic. Silly tongs.


The blue one was the one kinda melted together so I just tor it all off to give a nice clear one. Turned out rather pretty I think. Started out with four, the other purple broke.

Oh yes, that new camera I got? Remember that beautiful, shiny, green, pretty camera I purchased a while back? Yah... it's not working anymore. After a fall from one of the kids it seemed okay, then smelly oils I got spilled on the lens and you can't see a damn thing out of it. So the battery won't stay in because it's busted and the lens is oiled down good. Anyone know how to fix cameras?

And for that matter, my computer mouse too.
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