Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr. Tachikoma Sweater

Project #47 is a mini sweater (remember those? link) that I made from left over fingering yarn that I did for dad's socks projects (link). Did the whole thing while watching the first season of the very first Doctor Who.


This picture has the mini calico sweater, the Doctor Who disc (second and third disc inside), a code cap for scale, and a Tachikoma (sp?) from Ghost in a Shell. It really moves! Neil got it for me when we went over for Trinkets graduation party.

It really moves too!

PS: NYRP #46 is one of the wristwarmers. I said #45 but forgot to mention #46. That's why this mini sweater is NYRP #47. For anyone that was wondering that is.
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