Sunday, November 11, 2007

Arm Rests

I've been looking into green energy, I'm trying to become more aware of ways to save energy and the environment. This one is about UK funds. I think it's rather interesting. I want to share it.

Harry Potter fans- this is for you! Mostly for Marie and Nicole (first names only for safety reasons). Oh and Dumbledore is gay... though I probably already told you all this, but here is a different article about it- I like their humor "In other words, so what?"

A friend of mine in the UK just got his iPhone. I had this one saved for a bit and thought it would be relative to put it in here. We had fun playing around last night on his phone. He was talking to me and listening to music and God knows what else.

Recently I have been searching for ways to help me loose weight... I'm up to a bad weight and need to really loose weight. This website has a really neat health article, hope you enjoy it as well. Hope you enjoy this one.

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Things have been odd. I haven't been happy but not too sad. Sammy is next to me right now on my favorite blue chair. It's a lay-z-boy just so you know. He's laying on the right arm rest and I pet him and scratch under his chin every like 30 seconds. Weird I know.

Two weeks of family in a few days. I love family get togethers, but I'm not as nervous as I should be. But we'll see.

I've been working on one of my crafty things. I"m not nearly as crafty as my sister on my dad's side, but I like it; it makes me happy.

I have really good friends. I posted something in white text, never expecting anyone to see it. I guess I just wanted to post it so I feel like I'm sharing but without others knowing I wasn't okay.
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