Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a lot has happened

August 18, 2009:

Get ready for this- there has actually been a lot happening lately! Well... a lot for the "usual" around here.

Neil and I witnessed a traffic collision... that's what it's suppose to be called now, now a car accident or car crash. No one was badly injured, but we stopped and directed traffic and helped out with the going ons.

I am now wearing a back brace, which is helping quite a bit.

Mom and dad came home. Step dad, not biological dad. It's been rather busy since they got home. Eating better sadly. (means more food and expectations to eat more food...)

New shoes today! I desperately needed shoes so we made a special trip to the city closest by while Neil was at work.


Well... lets see. My attorney cancelled our meeting again... this is the second time in the past two days! When will he stop putting me off?

OH! A new back-brace! My physical therapist told me to go to this one guy in the city near here to get a free back-brace if he could and guess what- HE DID! It's actually better I think then the last one. And the last one cannot be sold since I wore it for over a week, which is sad. Either way the back-brace is working, at least I feel like it is.

Dad and I went for a little "hike" yesterday and hurt! In the good way. :) It was sooo nice to get out of the house and just be in nature. Granted I don't care for the area, but that's just to live in, visiting is okay (for short period of time).

Migraines are back now that my hair has grown considerably. I hate it when that happens. So if you guys have any ideas on hair styles for short hair that natural flips out, let me know.
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