Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy 1st!!!

Well guys- it turn out no surgery for me. Which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because that would be uber difficult on my body (not to mention pocket book) but it's also bad because now it's going to be emotionally difficult to figure out how I can work.

At my last physical therapy, my PT and I kind of figured out that there are two separate pains: one in my back and one in my hip/groyne. So this is fun.

I need to find a job I can do at home and still make some money... preferably billions, but like that will happen, so if anyone who reads this (sadly I don't think anyone does) have suggestions, let me know please...

--- --- ---

Craft projects! I have finished part of the green purse and while I want to finish it, I got so excited when my best friend H came to visit. She suggested round purses... so I crochet the bottom of the grey yarn and now I am knitting in a circle with a circular needle... it's exciting!!!

--- --- ---

I watched Drugstore Girl on Crunchy Roll last night- it was pretty good. Not my top 100 movies, but maybe my 101 movie.
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