Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shower, the View, and 56

Last night was... fun. I REALLY wanted a shower so, pulling what brain cells I have together I thought of a great way to spend time under the shower-head, while it's on, and wash my hair. Packing tape and plastic wrap. Kinda worked, but then it didn't. I spent like 10 minutes taping and clinging and unclinging the plastic wrap to my skin, making sure that it all is sealed tight. Then it was about 3 minutes in the shower... found that after so long the skin begins to get wet and unsticks the tape a bit. No worries, the bandages only got a little wet before I noticed, not even wet, just a bit damp. Got to wash my hair though!

--- --- ---

The view from where I am. 

I can see the flowers and put them where I can see. I put them like that too! Behold my unskilled cutting skills! Found a vase that is more suited for the flowers and has rocks at the bottom. I have to say that even though they are red-ish it still looks good. 

--- --- ---

Started some socks last night. Well, one at a time but still. Another pair for dad of course! Project #56 is underway!
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