Tuesday, September 07, 2010


On Monday (yesterday) I took a walk downtown. Since the surgery I have been trying to get in exercise (20 minutes of steady heart rate at a time, at least once a day) and have made my intentions very clear to this family. To make things more intresting I asked the girls to come with me. They came. ON BIKES. They came with me, RIDING THEIR BIKES.

So there I am, almost jogging to keep up with them. Gained 60 pounds after being imobile for 3-ish years so the whole bikes thing was REALLY unfair. Or so I felt.

Right as the house came into view, the girls beat me home (surpsie suprise), I noticed that I was huffing-n-puffing, looking down for only a second when I returned to look at my goal, there were the girls, on the edge of the driveway, cheering me on.

Jumping up and down, yelling out chants with my name and encouraging things. They know how important it is to me to get healthy, and to loose the bad weight.

So aside from my awesome family (8 humans, 4 pets), the Sims 3 games, getting up (walks, Wii, etc.), wonderful library DVDs, knitting projects (none completely finished yet, sorry), and the wonderful weather change (it's getting colder!), life is pretty fucking awesome.

Oddly enough, don't have a job and various other things wrong, life has been the best it has been in a long time. I'm almost scared it wont last.
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