Friday, September 24, 2010

Opinionated Movies

JUST got done watching "The Crazies" and it is awesome. It's not so much a 'zombie' movie as it is a drama/action/virus movie. The time-frame was perfect, it is set over a few days time and they evened it out perfectly. Characters were awesome. The creatures made it so that it was rather a realistic possibility with the virus/illness, they took parts of real diseases and mixed them to look amazing.. Sure there are moments that you're just like "what the fuck", but the cosmetics were still amazing.

Now onto "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", which we watched in 3D last night. Don't bother watching it in 3D. Lots of action, plenty of awesome shots, but... *SPOILER ALERT* they didn't finish the story, they left it completely open for another one. *END SPOILER ALERT* Needless to say I watched all the way to the end credits and beyond that. Stay for a few minutes, there's something for you to see.

Okay guys, I'm off to watch "Killers" and depending on how it is I'll let you know!
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