Sunday, September 19, 2010

Season for Hot Beverages

Yup. It's time. Hot tea is in season! Enjoyed it so much yesterday! Ah, so good! You guys need to go out and enjoy the wonderful season. Sit outside with a steeming mug of decaf black tea with a splash of fat-free vanilla 'coffee' creamer, snuggeled in a chunky sweater. THAT'S paradise to me. Cool crispt mornings, chilly days, just enough to wear a sweater, and fresh air. Ah, so love that.

Now as for NYRP #56:

As for this sock, I'm a bit worried.
See how there is a huge spacing? It's really from the space going from one needle to the other needle. How can I perfent that?

Dosen't it look good though?
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